Top Reader Favorites 2015

It’s that time of the year. YOUR favorite top 10 recipes of 2015!

readers favorite recipes

Bonus #10 Baby’s Healthy First Birthday Cake

Because my nephew is that cute, because it took me an amazingly long time to come up with the idea for this cake and because it’s the first decorated cake that made it to the website this year (the others were DISASTERS–sorry kids!) it’s making the list.

#10 The BEST Coconut Sugar Brownies

They really are. I can’t say enough about them because they usually don’t last long enough in the house. Which causes me to have to make another batch, and another, and another.

#9 Cinnamon Pie

I NEVER heard of cinnamon pie until Psych made it famous but we guess you have because it makes our list this year! Hurray for pie!

#8 Under an Hour White Bread

This recipe is probably my #1 used recipe. I use it all the time to make pizza crusts, rolls, bread and anything else I can think of. It’s never made the top 10 list before but it definetely has made my #1 list year after year.

#7 Taco Bell Caramel Empanadas

When my husband took me on my first visit to Taco Bell in years just for these, I had a few bites and knew I could make a healthier version to enjoy at home. And I did! These taste so good!!

#6 Kneaders Pumpkin Bread Recipe

We add chocolate chips to ours, but this recipe has made the top 10 list for YEARS now! It’s amazing and is a popular favorite during the fall. The bakery may only sell it once a year but YOU get to make it year round!

#5 Frosted Flake Rice Krispy Treats

My husband contributed this recipe to the website and it’s one of his favorite desserts that sends his insulin pump singing everytime I make them. Singing is good though because they’re not just good, they’re greeeeat!! (Channel your inner Tony the Tiger).

#4 Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread

No more running to the store anymore! This delicious recipe will let you stay in the comfort of your home without sacrificing the taste you love. It’s also easily adaptable if you have food allergies.

#3  Baked Churros

These babies are AMAZING!! We love the crispy outer coating of these delicious treats. Cinco de Mayo can’t come soon enough so we may have to make some soon!!

#2 Homemade Cafe Zupas Chicken Enchilada Chili

Whether it was winter, spring or the middle of summer this recipe appeared at the top of the most viewed recipes day in and day out.

#1: How to Bake with Coconut Sugar

This healthier sugar is the rage this year and you’re questions have kept me on my toes and helped me find new ways to incorporate it into recipes. Don’t worry coconut sugar lovers, a post just for you is coming soon with all your favorite desserts and foods in one spot!

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