What I’m Loving…FREE Katz Gluten Free + MORE!!

Today I’m sharing my favorite things I’m loving right now. From workouts, to free gluten free food to some major worries my credit card might be declining purchases from a certain popular TV show in the near future…

I know yesterday I shared that I haven’t gone to the gym…at all! this January. I actually laughed because in my inbox this morning was a note for a gym tour with a trainer that had been scheduled for me. I’ll get back to the gym in February.

hardest online strength training workouts

But that doesn’t mean that I stopped working out or doing weights. In fact, I’ve been trying to find some great at home workouts to keep me in shape. And I’ve found five that I LOVE. I focused mostly on strength training at home since that’s what I mainly use the gym for:

  1. Body Beast: My arms love this workout. My pocketbook loves that these workouts cost about the same as my monthly gym pass. 2. Scott Herman Fitness: FREE! I love this workout. My legs and butt don’t and for a day I wondered if I’d be able to walk again. But I LOVED it!! 3. Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones: This is a great all round full body workout. It’s got a little bit of old school mat work, but I love that it works out all the little muscles and is great for days that I’m not wanting to push myself to the max. Still a great workout, and FREE!! 4. Frugal Fitness TV: Also FREE, I love that this channel delivers a great workout with little to no equipment. 5. The Angry Trainer: I love these (also FREE) workouts. He delivers good workouts but also teaches you great advice. The videos are a little old and it looks like his channel is no more, but I love using his videos sporadically when I need reminders on my form and a good workout.

free gluten free food

I have been tired, TIRED of the same old gluten free varieties available at my local store. It’s getting old. And it’s hard to spend money on a large amount of food when it’s just me eating it. Katz gluten free is offering a fantastic deal for trying their products. A FREE sample pack. Yup. Who offers a free sample pack of gluten free stuff?

I bought the remaining three sample packs they offered and cried with joy when the package showed up on my doorstep. I’ve had bagels, challah bread, donuts and muffins. CHALLAH BREAD!! It made the best french toast this morning…

You can head to Katz and get 35% off your first order and use the code SAMPLE to get a FREE sample pack (just pay shipping).

shark tank addiction

I’ve never been a home shopping network fan, ordered off infomercials, or been persuaded to buy those “As Seen on TV” products right from the fancy 800 number seen on TV. But Shark Tank has thrown me for a loop!

I’ve ordered so many products from Shark Tank and I think if my husband found out he might ban me from watching it. But there have been SO many useful products and fun toys I’ve found that I would’ve never known about. I’m only mentioning the top 5! 1. Yesterday I spent $30 on dairy free gluten free cookies from Liz Lovely. I was starving and couldn’t decide what pack to order so I ordered the pack that had one of every product they sell. When they did an update on the last episode they mentioned they are now making truffles. I HAD to try those too. All of them. 2. And there there was the beef jerky I ordered for the guys I work with for Christmas gifts. It’s a filet mignon beef jerky and there is nothing like it! Three Jerks Jerky tasted so amazing it never made it as a Christmas gift.  3. I’ll admit that the Beard King was probably the most gimmicky gift I’ve bought. But if you have to clean up after your bearded man you would buy one too. 4. You should also get your kids to watch. It sparks their inner creativeness. (And might also get them addicted). These Ninja Cards were a must have one Christmas for my son. 5. And then there are the companies that make you think, “why didn’t I think of that?” Fresh Patch was one of those. Even though I didn’t have a need then, traveling with our pooches for the next few months to the place my husband is living until we move out with him at the end of the semester has made this seem perfect for his apartment. (Because running down three flights of stairs with a puppy in the wee hours of the morning is always FUN!)

I’m worried though. I can just see the headlines now, “Why my Credit Card Company Banned Shark Tank Products.” Or “New Group Forming for Shark Tank Shopaholics.” It’s coming. And I know I’ll be one of the first clients.

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