She Turns 5!

I can’t believe she grew up! I told her not to. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I tell each of my children to stop growing and not get older but they just don’t listen.

So I guess it means I have to plan another birthday.

rainbow birthday

This year she wanted a rainbow birthday.

rainbow birthday cake

Blowing out her candles…always one left!

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I had to move where the presents have been hidden for three days now. She is sneaky! Today after taking my shower I found out where my missing tape went off to. I was going to hang decorations and have not been able to find it for a couple of days. And everytime I went to the store I forgot to buy tape. I set all the presents out and when I got out of the shower I found the little stinker in the presents. She was ripping them just a little bit to see if she could find out what the present was, and then resealing them with the missing tape!! She told me she had hidden the tape under her pillow!!

She had her presents lined up in order of how she was going to open them after she got into trouble for trying to open her presents.

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Are your kids into Shopkins? I just don’t get the craze. But she loves them.

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Our city fair falls right on the weekend of her birthday, so she has always thought that the fair comes just for her. Our oldest daughter is in the parade and we always ride rides and watch the fireworks. Everyday before the fair actually opens we will have to drive by at least once a day to see which rides are being set up and she plans which rides she wants to go on. This year we were able to get her on some of the fast rides. She loved them!

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Okay, she was a little nervous but went on the ride three times after we took this picture. A¬†snow cone as bribery for getting her to go on the ride isn’t bad either.

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