Healthy Halloween Candy to Pass to Trick or Treaters

I think that we can all agree that “candy” and “healthy” probably don’t go hand in hand.

But there are candies out there that use better ingredients; free of artificial dyes, colors and even all organic ingredients. I always love the companies that also make their products easily accessible to me at a number of stores.

These treats make our top favorites list for Halloween. They are top notch, have been personally tested (way more times than I should admit) and they can easily be found at your local store.

healthy halloween candy


This is the bomb of the chocolate world. There aren’t a lot of organic chocolate candies that provide fun sized packages of their products to give to trick or treaters but this company does and they provide some great packaging to go with it. This is our FAVORITE choice for this Halloween. Find fun flavors like milk chocolate peanut butter cups, candy coated milk chocolate pieces, and more to give out to your trick or treaters this year.

Where to Find: Target, Whole Foods

unreal candy


These guys just ROCK! Whenever I get a craving for jelly beans, gummy bears or gummy worms I grab a bag of these. They taste JUST like the corn syrup filled contenders but are made with organic ingredients, natural flavors and colors and organic sweeteners.

Where to Find: Select natural food stores, Sprouts

surf sweet

Annie’s Fruit Snacks

I actually like it when people hand out fun lunch items for my kids in place of candy. We love Annie’s fruit snacks and use them as treats in school lunches. Annie’s fruit snacks are certified organic and made with top notch ingredients. They are gluten free and free of corn syrup.

Where to Find: Amazon, Target, natural food stores, select grocery stores

annies halloween fruit snacks


I am not a big lollipop fan, but Yummy Earth lollipops are by far my favorite lollipop. They are great to give out to trick or treaters. This year, they are also featuring Halloween gummy bears and gummy worms that are free of gelatin and vegan! All their products are also naturally flavored and colored.

Where to Find: Natural food stores, select major retailers, Amazon

yummy ea


Another great pick of kids, Clif ZBars offers another great alternative to candy. We pack these in the kids lunches as their treats or as a sweet after school snack. Each bar is filled with good for you ingredients so you can feel great about giving Clif ZBars as treats this Halloween.

Where to Find: Select Costcos, Target, Walmart, natural food stores

halloween clif zbar


We are BIG into Halloween and love those families that give us things we can use later (like for school lunches). We have been given juice boxes, pretzels, snack size bags of popcorn, chips and even small bags of beef jerky! We save all these and use them in the kids lunches which they love. And it saves us some money and allows the kids to have something different in their lunch.





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