Before Thanksgiving was a crazy time! There were lot’s of different things going on. My daughter performed in her school play. My youngest got through five nights of her play by watching videos and finding her comfy place.


My son managed to get all of his homework in (minus the one morning his sister got his homework wet before walking out the door). Hairdryer to the rescue!

homework woes

And while the kids were away for a few days of the holiday someone enjoyed being the only (dog) child of the family.

She made sure that my workouts were all completed and if not she stalked me until I did. Holidays are no exception in her world.

german shorthair pointer

Of course when she wasn’t looking I made sure I indulged in a few (boxes) of these:

peppermint crunch junior mints

She also got lot’s of car rides and didn’t have to fight the older kids for the front seat.

german shorthair pointer

I think I tossed her ball for her 100 times. I was grateful she wore out.

german shorthair pointer

But then of course it just meant it was time to pet her. And if I stopped, she reminded me with “the look.”

german shorthair pointer

But her hiatus as the only (dog) child came to an end and the kids came home, excited to be greeted by our elf on the shelf. He decorated while they were gone and even made them a welcome home sign.

divorce elf on the shelf

And when the littlest got home she showed me her new mommy and baby outfit and baby immediately had to take a picture next to our elf.

baby and elf

And when they got home they found new ways to pass the time. Like this new inventive way to play video games.


And when they got home someone was happy to see them. And pretend that no one had petted her the entire time they were gone.

girl and dog

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