Lobster Dinners or Filet Mignon? What People Food Can Dogs Eat?

Today I’m taking some much needed time off to get some work done and get caught up on some homework. I’ve got Ryan checking in from Pet Gear Lab to talk about one of my favorites, my dog. Many of you know if you’ve read our website for a long time that my dog is my running partner, bed stealer and generally makes sure each kid is out the door every morning for school. Thanks Ryan for helping out today to share some foods that dogs CAN eat. While kibble is great and necessary for dogs, it’s always nice to supplement with some real food:

For most people feeding your dog is simply a matter of grabbing the dry kibble, putting some water in the bowl and hope that your pup loves it.

There is, however, a new movement of feeding dogs a raw diet or supplementing their diets with fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat. Of course, dogs evolved from wolves, and therefore they enjoy a diet high in protein, specifically meat based products.

For many of us, knowing what human food to feed a dog can be a challenge. A diet that’s high in fat, sugar, and fillers is bad for dogs and us so what should we feed them unhealthy food? Luckily Pet Gear Lab has produced a super handy chart which you can download, print out and stick on your fridge. It lists all the common foods which you can freely feed your pup and those which you should feed moderately, or avoid altogether. It’s handy for kids or elderly parents to refer to when they feel like giving your pets tit bits.

This is what it looks like:

Can dogs eat oatmeal, lobster or apples

Head on over to Pet Gear Lab to grab the download and let us know how you’re getting on with introducing human food into your dog’s diet.

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