What a winter of firsts!

My fourteen year old made (and paid for) her first Build a Bear with her own money. It was a gift card, but to a 14 year old it’s her earned money. Still trying to figure out even in a 14 year old mind how opening an envelope = hard earned money. She just earned her food handlers permit this past week and I am excited to say that she WILL be actually earning money this summer…with a JOB! Excited and proud mom fist pump…YEAH!!

She was even sweet to let her little sister wash her and make sure her bear was ready to go home.

Of course while they were busy building a bear, my son and I were busy trying out the new virtual reality gaming area they had at the mall.

I think my favorite part was watching him try to play. Over there buddy!

Wait, no, over there!

Finally got the hang of it!

To finish our winter we’ve made sure that even with some of our harder days we also get out and have some fun together. We opted for the circus since my five year old has never gone before. We all ended up having a blast even though my 11 year old whined about going and kept telling me how boring it was going to be. At the end…the VERY end of the circus he said, “I don’t remember it being this way Mom. It was fun.” Yes, seeing someone get shot out of a cannon is ALWAYS exciting! 🙂

Sigh. I will make it through the teenage years. I really will.



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