Searching for the Best Donuts

I’m a city girl through and through so I love any chance I can get to head into our city. It’s a small city in comparison to what I grew up in, but it works for me. The kids and I had a rare day off together so we opted to head for Salt Lake on a food mission.

Todays mission?


banbury cross donuts

Plain old good yummy gooey fat dripping donuts with lot’s of frosting. Sprinkles would be good too, but we were heading up late in the day so I told them to keep an open mind.

Our first stop was for the kids. I’ve heard that Banbury Cross has award winning donuts. And if they are award winning donuts—we must try them to make sure.

The kids went for chocolate bars and maple bars, their favorite. I would’ve opted for the apple fritter or an old fashioned but I couldn’t convince any of them to get one.

They thought they were pretty good, but asked how they won an award for a donut. Since this was an educational mission day I told them to consult Google. The nice lady in the phone could tell them.

Next it was back in the car and off to my store. This time, we went to City Cakes in Salt Lake.

gluten free treats salt lake


The kids were actually mad that they didn’t get to get anything at my place. I just told them everything was gluten free and then they were good.

I ordered one of everything. This red velvet was amazing and the frosting to DIE FOR!!

gluten free red velvet

Of course after all the calories we consumed it was back in the car to find a place to burn off all those calories. We opted to stop at Liberty Park and feed the ducks and ride skateboards and bikes.

liberty park

We rode around for awhile and then hopped back in the car and headed home.

liberty park utah

Donut mission complete.


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