The Only Way to Travel

Why didn’t we think of this a couple of years ago when we went to Disneyland? This definetely is the only way to travel at Disneyland. I highly suggest that all theme parks pick this idea up to save parents from aching backs and tired arms when carrying their child through hour long lines.

travel at disneyland

It also works well for those kids who have to endure standing at their older siblings soccer games because Mom forgot the camping chairs and umbrellas to sit in, or even a blanket to spread over the damp grass.

carseat travel

I highly suggest turning all old carseats into travel chairs. Backpack straps are included!

carseat uses


Thanks for your patience this week as I’ve had my personal life overrun with school plays, school and lot’s of other activities. It’s been a crazy week.

Some of our favorite meals from this week have been:

Chicken Parmesan Casserole

French Toast Casserole

The Salad Bar at my local grocery store–x2.

Papa Murphys

It’s safe to say that cooking hasn’t happened this week. But at least you can say that I’ve tried! Sort of.

See ya Monday with an AMAZING breakfast recipe!

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