Saturday Morning Run

The sun peeks up over the mountains and I get the familiar itch to head out to the canyon for my morning run.

It’s Saturday morning and it’s time to get out and run. This week has been tough with the move and the kids schedules and my own schoolwork that’s been on my plate. As a busy Mom, I often get caught up in all of the little things going on and schedules and things that need to be done that I forget about taking some time for myself.

provo canyon

A nice weekend morning run to unwind and relax is going to be necessary today.

A run just kind of sorts everything out and makes everything right again.

provo canyon

It’s also a challenge. Runs are a combination of mental and physical strength. There are days my mind fuels or breaks my workouts. There are times that my body just doesn’t have anything to give and mentally pushing my body to it’s limits is necessary. It’s a combination of mind and body and you never know which one will fuel you through your workout.

I’ve also learned over the years of running and workouts that hydration and fueling your body properly are huge factors in what will happen during a workout. A body that’s not property hydrated isn’t going to perform well. A body that isn’t fed well isn’t going to be able to get you through those harder workouts, especially during the hotter summer month runs.

altra running

For today’s workout I tried BodyArmor Lyte. I drank a half of the bottle before my workout, drank water from fountains up the canyon (it’s much easier than packing water and drinks for the dog and I) and then drank the rest when I got home.

bodyarmor drink

The peach mango is an amazing tasting sports drink that includes electrolytes and vitamins that fuel me during a workout. the drink is naturally sweetened with the delicious taste of coconut water. And it’s only 20 calories per serving.

bodyarmor lyte

BodyArmor Lyte can be found at these locations: **(+ Save $$ HERE)**

New York

  • Metro/Suburbs: Stop & Shop, Shop Rite
  • Rochester: Wegmans, Tops
  • Buffalo: Tops, Wegmans
  • Syracuse: Price Chopper, Tops

Boston: Stop & Shop,
DC/Baltimore – Safeway, Wegmans, Target
Philly – Wegmans, Target
Chicago: Jewel-Osco, Mariano’s
Detroit: Kroger, Meijer

  • Cincinnati: Kroger, Meijer
  • Cleveland: Kroger, Giant Eagle
Atlanta: Kroger & Publix
Florida major cities:

  • Miami- Publix
  • Orlando- Publix
  • Tampa- Publix
  • Jacksonville – Winn Dixie and Publix
San Fran: Safeway, Target, Lucky’s and Raley’s
Los Angeles: Ralphs, Stater Bros, Vons , Target
San Diego: Stater Bros, Vons, Target
Seattle: Safeway/Albertson’s, Fred Meyer, and then QFC

  • Dallas: Kroger
  • Houston: HEB
  • San Antonio: HEB
  • Austin: HEB

And in Utah I’ve seen them at Harmon’s.

This post is courtesy of BodyArmor Lyte and the Mom It Forward Influencer Network. All opinions of the product are my own. 

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