Pint Night Relief with Arctic Zero (+Giveaway!) **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

 Arctic Zero post disaster date pint nights make the night better with no guilt after! Only 150-300 calories per pint! Grab a spoon, a pint and read about our dating blunders!

Back in college, we instituted pint night. It usually followed the break up of one of my roommates and their boyfriends. We’d make a trip to the store, grab our chosen pint of ice cream, then head home to drown our spoons and bad dates in the latest pint of ice cream while we talked, cried and eventually laughed about our dating woes.


Many a night was spent fixated on “the one” and whether or not we’d ever meet that one. As the years went on, less people joined our pint nights and got married. Started having kids. Got new careers. Bought their first houses.

But in our family, pint nights are still reserved for those nights that nothing…NOTHING goes right.

And when the kids aren’t around, I drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream. This time, alone.

arctic zero

You see, after a long hiatus from hearing about first date blunders and being left in the restaurant by some blind date that never showed, I’m back to those nights. And I hate every minute of it. I made sure in college I dated every person I felt somewhat compatable with in an effort to determine what (and who) I wanted to marry. I eventually left that couch and built a great life. I got married, I had a family…I had a good run. But circumstances have left me back on the couch, spoon in hand. Alone.

arctic zero

This time I’m almost twenty years older and the metabolism isn’t as forgiving of high calorie high fat indulgences like my college days. I can sit on the couch and indulge but my butt’s going to jiggle a whole lot longer than it did when I was younger. So I opt for lower calorie pints like Arctic Zero. 

And as I sit there (alone–insert spoon in hand) I think about some of my more interesting first date blunders I’ve had now that I’m in my thirties:

  1. The guy who sent me a screenshot of his passed background check, and the lack of his name being on any criminal or sex offender registry site. We didn’t get to the first date. 
  2. The guy who I hadn’t even met for a first date yet who said he would treat my kids as his own and would love my kids like his own. That’s easy to say when you don’t have a YouTube addicted six year old who while at work one day decided to make her own DIY backyard splash pad and turned the backyard into piles of mud. Or the ground up colored chalk bags that she decided to make faux frosting with but just ended up making the house look like a 5k Color Run went through our house. Guess who got to clean that up for several hours as she hugged me and headed off to her dad’s for the night?
  3. The guy who through the entire date kept commenting on how “trustworthy” he was and how I could “trust” him. He was right in some respects. I googled the crap out of him prior to our date and found nothing major but unfortunately he never made it to date two because I ran into someone he dated at the gym and found out how “trustworthy” he was. 
  4. The guy who I graciously told on the first date I wasn’t interested in who then for the next month proceeded to ask if we could arrange a friends with  benefits status between us. No kidding the last time I declined a few hours later before bed I went on Facebook and he had a picture of his new girlfriend posted on Facebook, the two of them smiling for the cameras. 
  5. This guy made it a few dates in. He made it to the date where you start to wonder maybe where things are going. Do you continue to invest or move on? So ladies you break out “the outfit” to gauge how he feels. This guy was hard to read. So I pulled the “the outfit” out of it’s place in the section of my closet marked “retired” for this date. All I got was… “you look nice.” And later when I hinted on how a girl would tell if he likes her he replied, “I’ll want to hang out with you.” He didn’t call for a week after that. No “what’s your schedule like this week?” Or, “what nights do you not have the kids or school so we can hang out?” Just a couple of texts here and there. UGH!!! “The outfit” went back into retirement for awhile and he quickly became reduced to “just a friend.” 🙁
  6. Those guys who are older and not married and say “it’s just bad luck I’m not married yet.” Or, “I just haven’t found the right one.” Those are my counseling mind bread and butter. It isn’t “luck” men and I’ll usually find out within a date or two what the deficiency is you experience whether it be Social, relationship or mental. See #5 hot skirt deficiency for an example of why it isn’t “luck” that he’s not married. 

I’m grateful that Arctic Zero has come to the rescue for those of us in desperate need of a pint night but who are also being overcome by gravity, loss of muscle mass and crow’s feet.

Arctic Zero ice cream is as low as 150-300 calories per pint!! Arctic Zero is gluten free, lactose free, and natural.

PS!!! YOU can win 5 pints of Arctic Zero for youself!! Just leave a comment letting me know 1. The flavor of Arctic Zero you want to try and 2. your dating disaster. 

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  1. amy guillaume linderman says:

    i’d love to try A Lil Bit Chippy! once i was on a date with a cowboy and he asked me to go on his yearlong rodeo tour with him

  2. Would definitely love to try to Brownie Blast! No any real disasters for me 🙂

  3. I would like to try the Cherry Chocolate Chunk. As for dating disasters, I’ve had quite a # of them, but I think the worst was the one was a first date that involved about 8 of the guys closest friends.

  4. I would love to try chocolate peanut butter! My dating disaster is going on a date to the roller rink and throwing up the first 10 minutes or so!

  5. I would love the Cherry Chocolate Chunk

  6. Danielle McCoy says:

    Ooooh, Key Lime Pie!

    My only dating disaster was back when I was a teen. I worked at a grocery store and this guy came in several times in one day to my lane and the last time worked up the courage to ask me out. I was hesitant but he talked me into it. On the date, I found out he lied to me about his age (he was 20, I was 16… my parents never would have allowed it knowing his real age), and to top it off after the “date” we ended up hanging out with some friends and one of my so-called friends basically sat on his lap for the rest of the evening. Needless to say there was no second date.

  7. My dating disaster was the night I met my husband at a birthday party. There were 2 of my other boyfriends at the same party, but it all worked out as I have been married to my husband 47 years this Nov.

  8. Audrey Stewart says:

    I would love to try the Brownie Blast. This guy invited me to his house for a cook out. We stayed outside and had drinks and he cooked. When I asked to use the restroom, he handed me a flashlight, because he didn’t pay his electric bill.He said he didn’t have the money to pay it. I never saw him again.

  9. Id like to try the brownie blast, and I really cant remember one, I had an abusive boyfriend, but there was nothing funny or lighthearted about that.

  10. Strawberry sounds good. I once spilled coffee all over my lap during a date. That was pretty disastrous.

  11. Angelica C Dimeo says:

    I would like to try the chocolate cookie dough one

  12. Angelica C Dimeo says:

    oh also my dating disaster was when a guy had a fake picture and we met

  13. I would like to try cookies & cream… My dating disaster was finally going on a date with a guy who had asked me out at least 10 times and noticing a wedding ring on his finger (for the first time ever)! Needless to say, the date was over as soon as I noticed his ring.

  14. Most awful would have to be the guy who proselytized me relentlessly all through dinner, weeping literal tears and begging me to commit my life to Jesus before we’d even finished the appetizers.

  15. Kathy bergman says:

    I would love to try cool mint chip.
    My dating disaster, wow, I went on a double date, blind date and we went to the park. The other couple left. It turns out he was 24 and I was 16. We lied about our ages. There was beer in the car and two cops came over and knocked on the window as we were kissing and wanted IDs. Since I was underage they had to call my parents, now that was fun. And it turns out that this guy had a loaded gun under his seat, so it could’ve been bad. So I guess I am thankful that the cops came along.

  16. Kimmy Ripley says:

    Mmm MMM MMM Brownie Blast for my family.

  17. 1. Brownie Blast!
    2. She invited me to join her and her family at the symphony. Then she didn’t show up. Her family showed up, but she didn’t.

  18. Shakeia Rieux says:

    I would love to try the Poppin’ Pomegranate

  19. I would love to try the Purely Chocolate!! My dating disaster was when my friends tried to set me up with this guy. We sat at my “friend’s” house and watched a movie then played cards. My friend’s fiance made us some lemonade and after about half a glass, I was out of it. I went to the restroom and called my brother and gave him the address before I was too far gone. He arrived just in time to find me passed out, being groped by this guy!

  20. kelly woods says:

    The Rocky Road- yum, yum, these sound sooo good. Thank you

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