Easy Mixer Theraputty Recipe

Create this easy mixer theraputty recipe for your office or to use as a fun inexpensive toy for the kids to play with at home!


One of my first posts for this website was an old family recipe. My poor cookbook was covered in food and I kept loosing the recipes. It was getting out of control and several friends who were moving their recipes to a digital platform kept telling me how easy it would be. I tried it out and several years later I couldn’t imagine where my life would be.

While many of my aquaintances websites have exploded and they make a wonderful life for their family, that was never my dream for this website. I love people, but I love to be out working with people. I loved being on television, teaching classes and meeting all of you, While I love to write and record my thoughts, feelings and recipes on paper, the WORK that it takes to keep a website¬†relevant and running was so hard. Conferences, classes on computers, finding companies to do all of my back end work was crazy. I didn’t enjoy studying SEO, analytics and statistics. I loved working with people.

I came to the crossroads. I was growing but either needed to put some more time and money into growing this website or stay with what I had. I stayed a smaller website and enjoy the niche of the world that I invade. While I’ll never make the kind of income my acquaintances may, since starting this website I’ve accomplished a lot of what I’ve wanted to in life and am doing a job that I love. I’ve gotten my bachelors and will get my masters in the spring (fingers crossed). My family dynamics have changed, I’ve lost my dad and added another child to our family. It’s so amazing that I have a permanent record to show my kids when they are older of the recipes I made and the projects and trips we’ve done together.


This week marks my first week of my internship and I am so nervous. For the past year I’ve studied like crazy and thrown down facts and figures in my brain that I have no idea if I’ve actually retained or not.

One of the things that we use in my internship is theraputty. It’s a fantastic product that is great to have around if you have a child with anxiety or difficulty focusing.

I made theraputty for a class I was teaching and decided to make it at home. Since it was such a large batch I was making, I decided to make mixer theraputty. I threw it into the Kitchenaid and it did a fantastic job and took much less time than trying to hand mix the putty.

Theraputty is a great tool for kid and adults who need to build finger hand strength. Theraputty is also used in a counseling setting for those who need something to fidget with or who may have trouble focusing on a conversation. It allows the client something to do with their hands if they are nervous or anxious and takes the pressure off of having to focus solely on a conversation. By having something like theraputty in hand, a client can use it as a calming tool.

Theraputty doesn’t have to be mixed by hand and can easily be mixed in a mixing bowl most of the way. You will still have to use your hands to knead the putty at the end, you just won’t have to do it by hand the whole time.

Easy Mixer Theraputty Recipe


  • 1 cups white glue
  • 1 cup liquid starch
  • Drops of food coloring


  1. In a mixer, mix together the glue and starch until formed. Add several drops of food coloring if needed. Continue mixing until all ingredients are mixed together and starts to pull together to form a ball. Remove mixture from mixer and continue to hand knead until a soft ball is formed. Store in an airtight container.


This mixture is NOT a true theraputty mixture but does work well for teaching tactile skills. Hide different objects inside or use it to develop finger hand coordination or as a stress relief. The mixture does spread.



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