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My honeymoon is the only time I can remember ever being sick on a boat. The stress of the wedding had  made me sick. I spent most of the honeymoon hugging the toilet, venturing out only at night when my stomach had calmed and everything from the night before had come up. The staff was so sweet to help me with any need I had, sad that I was spending most of the day enclosed in the bathroom. When we did venture out, most of the photos of me were of a face void of color.

sea band

The one place that I wanted to go was Alcatraz. I didn’t remember much of Alcatraz as a teen when I went with my parents so I was going to muster up whatever strength I had left to go with my then husband.

alcatraz boat

The boat ride is the only time in history I ever remember getting sick on a boat. I never get sick on boats, but the early February waters were choppy and the boat swayed precariously through the strong currents. The boat swayed so much that over the course of the trip there and back, one window was enclosed with water, the other with bright sky. The boat then swayed back and the other side was filled with sunny blue skies and the other completely in water.

I made it through that trip but completely understand the struggle that nausea can play on life’s daily activities. Whether you are pregnant or plagued by stomach issues that cause nausea, Sea Band

is a wonderful product that can naturally help ease the symptoms of morning sickness, motion sickness and nausea. Sea Band offers a variety of products including nausea acupressure bands and ginger and spearmint lozenges to name a few. There are a variety of products to help the most tender of stomachs.

I was given a collection of Sea Band products to try as an ambassador for Green Moms Meet. The opinions of the product are my own. 

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