Halloween Skewers

I can’t believe that Halloween is now less than a month away. Halloween kind of signifies the beginning of the craziness of the holiday season. Halloween is followed shortly by Thanksgiving which is then followed by Christmas. It is time to get thinking about Halloween costumes and parties.

halloween party food

This week I’ve been teaching the 7th grade classes about time management. I showed them Steven Covey’s Pickle Jar video. For a handout I gave the kids Halloween colored chocolate rocks to represent doing the things (big rocks) that need the most attention first, then moving to the sand (little things) last.

steven covey pickle jar

At the end the video says there’s always room for chocolate so I threw in some Halloween Hershey kisses.

halloween chocolate rocks

These Halloween skewers are so much fun to make. Whether candy skewers for a class party or meat and tortillas for a school lunch, these tasty skewers are so much fun to make.

halloween candy

To Make Halloween Candy Skewers:

Assorted candies (must be large enough to thread on the skewer stick).

Have kids thread the candy onto the skewers.

halloween candy

To Make Halloween Cereal Skewers: (not pictured)

Have kids thread cereal like Apple Jacks (Kellogg’s), Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (General Mills), Fruitful O’s (Cascadian Farms), or Honest O’s (Barbara’s). Use a fruit snack at the end of the skewer to secure.

halloween lunch

To Make Halloween Lunch Skewers:

Thread beef jerky, cheese, grapes and tortillas or bread  cut with cookie cutters onto the skewer. Serve.

halloween lunch

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