Kids Halloween Hangover +Shark Tank is my Equivalent of my Mom’s HSN (I Don’t Have a Problem)

Today is the day that I want to pretend that I don’t have to go to work. It’s Halloween Hangover day and the day that a lot of us working in education would love to call in sick.

The kids are hungover from sugary Halloween sugar cookies made at class parties. A night of trick or treating brings tired legs to class. Staying up late and eating lot’s of candy makes kids grumpy, irritable and whiny.

It’s Halloween Hangover day!

halloween hangover

Pretty sure a few of my kids have fallen asleep like this:

halloween hangover

At the dinner table the other night we started to bring up Shark Tank. That show has been deadly over the years for me. It’s like the modern day HSN from my mom’s era.

The kids were laughing when I made a list of everything I’ve bought over the years. Yes, most of it is food related.

Delighted by Hummus Dessert Hummus: 🙁 They don’t ship and they aren’t in my area. Everyone that has it close, enjoy your dessert hummus for me.

Drainwig Hair Catcher: FREE for me. (Got one to try at a blogging expo).

Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Protein Mixing Cup: $34.99 Bought one for a friend for Christmas.

Seedsheets Grow Your Own Garden: Oh my goodness these people are genius for black thumb gardeners like myself. I spent $14.99 and then lost where I put them when I moved. But I’d really like to have them so I can use them on the strip of dirt I have in my backyard.

The Sleep Styler Nighttime Hair Curlers: $30 I bought these for my daughter. Fingers crossed she will like them. Bought them for her birthday.

Parker’s Maple Syrup: $5.99. The maple cotton candy will change your life. It’s amazing.

Night Runner 270: These are so cool. I want these for my night and early morning runs. I’ve been hoping to buy them for myself for two years. $59.95

Dollop Gourmet Frosting: $12.98. First I got mad at myself for spending that much on a can of frosting. Then I took a bite and was fine with it.

Extreme Sandbox: I don’t even know where Pottsboro, Texas or Hastings, Minnesota is but playing with heavy equipment sounds like a lot of fun so it’s on my bucket list.

Three Jerks Beef Jerky: I bought bags for several of our friends. This stuff is the gold medal of beef jerky. $11.99

Dude Wipes: The best for stockings for teen boys. They roll their eyes. $8.50

Ice Chips Candy: I bought so many of these when my daughter was at taekwondo. She loves them so she would buy them…with my money of course. 🙂 $40+

Fairytale Monster Spray: $7.99 I found this product at an expo shortly after it aired on Shark Tank and bought some for my daughter.

Kodiak Cakes: $7.99 The kids loved them when they tried them at the store but lost the love when we brought them home. They just haven’t tasted the same.

Surf Fitness: This looked like such a fun class. I did a free trial class at a local gym and had a blast!

Tie Not Water Balloon Tool: $8.55 Way better than the bunch-o-balloons tool and saves my fingers.

The Kooler: I bought one for a trainer friend of mine and was shocked about how big it was when it was delivered. He couldn’t imagine lugging it around the gym. Returned. $39.95

The Biem Butter Sprayer: I LOVED this product when I first saw it, but a year later it’s STILL in pre order and costs $129!

Pridebites: I bought one of these for my dogs because they were indestructible. It took her a minute to chew through it and tear out the squeaky. $9.99….wasted.

Nerdwax: Supposed to make glasses not slip so I bought some for my son’s stocking. $10

Turbopup Bars: These bars have become an absolute necessity for long hikes and runs with my dog. $50 (Bars are a couple of dollars each, but I’ve bought a lot of these).

Mission Belt: Best $27 for my son I’ve ever spent.

Puppy Cake: $7.99 It was my dog’s birthday.

Ry’s Ruffery (Formerly Ryan’s Barkery) $7.99 She’s worth it.

Liz Lovely: Gluten free cookies for me. I bought a whole box to sample. You have to try them all to find the ones that you like. $40

So, it looks like I have an addiction, but really if you look over the ten seasons it’s been on, I’ve only bought a FEW of the items on the list.

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