Transgender Owl in 2nd Grade Play + A Fruit Ninja Moment in my Kitchen

Transgender owl conversations and a real life fruit ninja moment in the kitchen are all in a days conversation and activities at our house. 

There are days as a mom you realize you’ve just lost control of a situation. The dinner table has always been one of those moments that once I had my third child I realized it probably wasn’t the most brilliant idea to have more kids than parents. The dinner table suddenly became the definition of chaos. All control was lost. You can focus your attention on one child, but the other two are throwing a roll across the table at each other.

bremerton musicians

And the conversations get harder too. You just try to jump into the conversations as you can. This one definetely became a very hot topic.

I don’t remember how we come up with this subject but somehow it mysteriously does. This time we were reminiscing about the past and somehow the subject of my daughters 2nd grade play came up. Years ago (that is hard to say!–she still seems young to me even though she’s in high school!) she played an owl in her 2nd grade production of “Brementon Musicians.”

It was memorable because the boy in front of her who was supposed to say his part ended up fainting and my daughter stood there with eyes wide wondering what to do. Did she step over him and go to the microphone to say her parts? I mean, the show must go on, right? Awkward silence is so weird. The audience is loosing attention. Did she wait for her teachers to take him off the stage and then step to the microphone? It’s good to be respectful, right? In the end the teachers came on and directed her to the microphone while pulling the boy off stage, but that moment she stood with her eyes wide debating on what she should do was adorable.

But her memories today weren’t of the boy who fainted. No, no they weren’t.

“I just want you all to know that I have learned to respect and love those who are transgender because when I was in second grade, I played a transgender owl.”

Her brother and I gave her the look. The six year old happily went on eating and sneaking bites of the food she didn’t want to the dog under the table, oblivious to what the word “transgender” even meant.

“Really? A transgender owl?”

“Yes, a boy played the owl in the first act, and I played the role as a female owl in the second act.”

Not sure we quite got her analogy but I’m proud she’s learned appreciation as she’s grown older. When one of her friends came out as bisexual, she grappled with what that meant and if it would change her relationship with her friend and if her friend would find her attractive as more than a friend. She’s also seen one of her friends come out as gay and made him feel comfortable when he moved to her school because he was bullied at his old school.

After we have one of those heavy talks, it’s good to get out our feelings by exercising or letting out our emotions in a healthy way. So we decided to try out some new knives we were given to try with a fruit ninja style flair. (YES they were well supervised and safe throughout the entire time. And they were NOT allowed to go full on ninja).

We broke out our Misen and Ozeri knife sets and it was time to get to work. Today we opened the fridge and pulled out whatever fruit we could find. Since it was time to grocery shop it was a pineapple and an apple.

knife set

The pineapple had seen some better days. But it would still work.

misen knife

Hi ya!

misen knife

Time to eat.

misen knife

And now for the apple.

misen knife

Hi ya!!!!!


Time to eat.

I ate so much fruit it was time to weigh myself on my Ozeri scale. Sigh.

ozeri bathroom scale


I was given a set of Ozeri knives, Misen knives and an Ozeri scale to try for this post. My opinions of the product are my own. Here are some quick facts:

Misen Knife Set: The Misen knife set uses premium steel materials for the best most professional cut at a price point every cook or non cook can enjoy. The knives were made of quality ingredients, cut great through rough or smooth surfaces and were comfortable to use. They cut effortlessly through everything I put them to the test on.

Ozeri Knive set: The Ozeri knife set is a an ultra sharp set made of ceramic and do not corrode, rust or leach metal ions. The knives are half the weight of other knife sets reducing fatigue on joints and muscles when cutting. We loved how lightweight the knife was and the comfortable handling.

Ozeri Digital Scale: The Ozeri scale is newly enhanced with an Infant Tare Button that allows for quick and easy weighing of your infant, pet or luggage item while in your arms. It also utilizes an advanced algorithm that instantly calculates your weight, body fat, hydration, muscle and bone mass.



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