Happy Thanksgiving, The BEST Gluten Free Pies and She Made WHAT??

Well, what would a Thanksgiving post be without a Happy Thanksgiving?

1. I have the kids this holiday and we are taking a very very very very very very long car ride to see family. I hope I survive. I hope they survive too. The love just radiates through the car after a few hours as siblings together *sarcasm* It usually looks like this:

car fight with siblings

2. Hopefully I will keep them busy enough that the kids will come home absolutely exhausted and with lot’s of fun stories on Monday to tell their friends that they will overlook the long, long drive.

3. We’ve had a very long few weeks. I’ve been trying to cram in all of my work so I can actually READ. A. BOOK. A real book, not a psychology or research book required for school. And NETFLIX!! I would love a Sunday night Netflix night instead of writing discussion questions and a paper. My kids have a running list of all the movies and shows I need to watch and all the books I need to read.

netflix mom

4. Because of my glorious way of needing to eat, I always stress that my family will stress about what I can eat. So I make food ahead. This year I made this on a gluten free gingersnap crust because I’m not a huge fan of traditional pie crust. I also made this on a gluten free graham cracker crust. I have seen these in the freezer aisle at Walmart for months now and have been wanting to try these. I grabbed it and munched on it while I was prepping recipes. It was so good! The price was a little steep, but it was a nice splurge and less than eating out.

tastefully paleo 5. The dog has had a weird rash on her stomach this fall. We had to take her into the vet to get shots too. One of the vet techs had the CUTEST puppy. And of course my youngest went puppy crazy while the older dog was none to pleased that this little puppy was getting all of my daughters attention.

6. And SERIOUSLY?!?! My youngest should be banned from YouTube. She loves to experiment and create. Awhile ago while making some new recipes she decided to make apple spice donuts. She used green apple Gatorade and pumpkin spice mix. She remembered the baking soda this time. The house smelled awful! And the muffins had a weird greenish look to them. And the donut pan was destroyed.

7. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend. And may my PJ’s and stretchy pants get a workout as I eat and shop online.


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