Dairy Free Eggnog

This dairy free eggnog recipe is unlike ANY you’ve had. It’s made with a secret ingredient–dairy free ice cream! I promise it tastes better than any other eggnog recipe you will have this holiday season! 

One of the worst (worst!!) things about Christmas is watching that eggnog get passed around and knowing that I can’t have any!

dairy free eggnog

A lot of the store brand “dairy free” eggnogs aren’t that good. I hope you will help me find one if there is one. I’ve tried a few brands and just can’t find one that I’m sold on as a good replacement.

This one takes some time but is worth the effort. One of the things that I really am not fond of is a traditional recipe (like mint chocolate chip ice cream!) tasting like coconut milk. Coconut milk adds a really good texture but I don’t want it to taste like it in some recipes like eggnog.

dairy free eggnog

This one doesn’t. It is absolutely amazing and tastes just like eggnog you are used to. I am so excited for Christmas morning and cinnamon rolls and eggnog this year!

My secret ingredient is Nadamoo Vanilla Ahhh Dairy Free ice cream. It’s so good and I substituted it for the coconut milk. This version is better…BUT if you can’t find this at your local store, than no worries. Just use coconut milk and it will taste amazing. You will love this dairy free eggnog recipe!


nadamoo dairy free

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Dairy Free Eggnog


  • 4 egg yolks
  • 2 1/4 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (for nut free version, you can substitute other dairy free versions)
  • 1 1/2 cups Nadamoo Vanilla Ahh dairy free ice cream, melted (see instructions) or 1 can (400ml) coconut milk (full or lite versions okay)
  • ¼ cup coconut sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • pinch allspice


    To Melt the Ice Cream:
  1. Allow ice cream to thaw in the refrigerator overnight or microwave on "ice cream" setting. Stir to combine before pouring into cup to measure.
  2. To Make the Eggnog:
  3. Place egg yolks in a small mixing bowl and set aside for later use.
  4. In a medium pan, place the remaining ingredients. Heat ingredients to a simmer over medium heat, stirring to combine. Once mixture begins to simmer, reduce heat to low.
  5. Very slowly add 1/4 cup of the hot liquid to the egg yolks. Continue adding the egg nog mixture to the egg yolks until approximately one cup has been added. Once you've added and combined about one cup of the eggnog mixture to the egg yolks, pour the egg yolk mixture into the pan and bring the heat to medium.
  6. Continue to whisk mixture until it reaches the consistency of thickened milk. (Approximately 4-5 minutes) Remove from heat, allow to cool before placing in a mason jar to store.


Mixture can be served immediately or stored in the refrigerator for several days.


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  1. This is such a great idea for eggnog for those who can’t have dairy!

  2. Yum! I can’t have regular eggnog either. Have you tried the Lactaid brand? I think it tastes better than the So Delicious ones.

  3. This looks so good! Don’t laugh, but I didn’t know that there was an “ice cream” setting on a microwave. Is it just for thawing?

  4. What a great idea for making egg nog! I’m going to have to find this product.

  5. What a great idea to use the ice cream instead of coconut milk! This looks like one dairy-free eggnog I wouldn’t mind having a nip of!

  6. I appreciate having a dairy free recipe for those of my guests that may have allergies.

  7. This is simply awesome! I’m sure there are plenty of people who would LOVE to have eggnog or eggnog treats but can’t due to allergies 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great product! What a great idea!

  9. This sounds like a great product and a wonderful recipe!!

  10. That sounds like such a great product!! I love your adaptation.

  11. What a delicious sounding adaptation! I love the idea of ice cream!

  12. Very creative! Love the use of ice cream!

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