Top 5 Reader Favorites of All Time + 5 Things I Learned While Driving A Prius on the Freeway

I got the opportunity to fly out to California last week and drive back in a Prius. Since I’ve driven the California to Utah route approximately 1,345,289,345 times (or something like that), I decided that I would not allow myself to go crazy listening to the same top 45 songs countdown that had driven me absolutely bonkers in 16 hours of traffic driving home over Thanksgiving weekend. So… to pass the time I came up with five things I learned while driving a Prius on the freeway. Since we’re on a five kick today.

prius freeway

A Prius. Never in my life did I think that I would drive one. And on the freeway? Six years of school has exhausted me that much that I’ve let down my personal driving values.

  1. Should You Pass Someone, Expect This: Just because the outside might be a Prius to you doesn’t mean the INSIDE looks like a Prius to me. I’ve only got a Toyota emblem on the inside, so it became easy to pretend that what you saw on the outside while I passed you was not what was on the inside as I drove. However, it didn’t seem to matter much on the outside because the looks I was given as I passed you ranged from middle fingers to mouths dropping as you turned to your passenger and pointed in awe to see a Prius pass you. Yes, take a picture. It is rare.
  2. If You’re Not a Praying Person, You Will Become One: There were a few times (ahem, hills) that if you aren’t a religious person, if you’re trying to go up a hill in a Prius, you will become one. I slowly watched myself go from 85 to 73 through the Barstow pass. The cruise control was on, then off and I was pumping the accelerator like others pump the brakes (hint: it doesn’t work…just gives you strange looks from the passengers). At this point I just recommend praying.
  3. You CAN Hit 100: So…not that I was speeding, but if I was then I can tell you that on straight, level even ground you may be able to hit 100 mph without even knowing it. Which may lead to issues with #1.
  4. Gas Mileage Recommendations? Pwft: On the freeway I ranged from 31.1 mpg to 37.8 mpg when I was driving. Not the recommended. But of course, Toyota will probably write to me and say that I was not driving correctly. I actually drive 5-10 mph over the posted speed limit sign. Always have. Always will. And yes, there were times I was climbing and praying to make the hill or driving in a headwind or making a game out of passing and waving to people to see their reaction out of sheer boredom when I listened to “Rockstar” for the umpteenth time on XM but I still expected to do a little better on the gas mileage. I call my gas mileage “realistic driver gas mileage.” I wasn’t in a controlled racing environment. No, I was driving in the real world. Like a (somewhat) real driver. 2016 prius c
  5. Pretty Stinking Comfortable: Over the years, sitting in a car for hours on end after having children has led to some vein issues. My legs start to burn or go numb on long drives. I’m constantly shifting my weight when driving in a car. Left butt cheek to right butt check. Sitting forward in the seat and then slouching. So for me, I found the Prius to actually be pretty comfortable. We had enough legroom and the people in the backseat were pretty comfortable too. While the storage space in a Prius is bleck (seriously I took up most of the trunk with my carry on from the plane) I would have to say that a 10 hour drive was pretty comfortable in the leather version. And seat heaters were well used on cold California nights. Overall, nice and comfortable. But seriously Toyota, work on the remote start issue.                                                                                                                                 T

And now shifting (pun!) from holiday driving to food, it’s fun this week to look back and reminisce about the year. Today after sharing my own personal traumatic driving experience (driving a Prius ah!!) I’m shifting gears (pun!) and talking about our five all time favorite recipes on our website. These recipes year after year after year make the top of your favorites.

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#4: Little Caesar Italian Cheese Bread

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#2: Baked Churros

#1: How to Bake with Coconut Sugar

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