Christmas 2017 + They Are BACK!

Christmas 2017 is in the books!

christmas pajamas

I was so excited to hear how much fun the kids were having at their grandparents house with their Dad and cousins and grandparents. They were so excited to open presents. And my youngest found a bell that had been dropped by Santa’s sleigh when her grandpa went out to take out the trash around bedtime. You see, at our house, Santa’s bells ring to warn all the little kids that he’s coming soon to deliver presents and they better get ready for bed. So when Santa’s bells rang, my youngest got ready for bed and Papa went outside to empty the trash and found a bell! She told me she put it by her stocking when Papa showed her and Santa picked it up later that night when he delivered her presents.

While they were at Grandpa and Grandma’s house texting me at midnight on Christmas Day about breakups and video chatting me about things Santa brought and how their cold had quarantined them to the basement, I got to get away for a few days. I missed the kiddos terribly but a few days enjoying a California Christmas? Sold!

I flew in and was out there for two days. In those two days we packed in the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego zoo lights, the USS Midway, Seaport Village, and Sea World. If you know me well, (crap, now you’ll know my secret!) you know I LOVE sea life. I have since I was little. I loved watching seals in San Diego, otters in Monterrey, whale watching, and dolphins. I also love monkeys. I watched a show when I was 17 about monkey babies and since then I’ve wanted a monkey as a pet.

But then…I saw the panda bear.

panda bear

Look, he’s playing peek a boo!!

panda playing peekaboo

I wonder how I could convince my landlord that a panda playing peek a boo should totally be on the “approved” pets list for his house. Probably won’t happen, so I’ll let him know that seals and sea otters should be. It wouldn’t be too hard to put a giant pool in the backyard would it?

While also at the zoo, I saw this hedgehog looking porcupine thing. I thought it was cute so I’m sharing a picture.

san diego zoo

The next day it was off to Sea World! I think I’ve gone here approximately 234,082 times since I was a kid. We used to ride the train down from my house in Huntington Beach to San Diego as a kid with my cousins or just with my parents. It was always a fun trip and say what you may about Sea World but I believe my love and love of wanting to protect these animals started shortly when I experienced my first oil spill as a child and  then saw the work they did to help.

sea world shamu

I love the seals and otters the best. And I was very, very happy that I didn’t jump into the tank to pet an otter or a seal. I wanted to. I almost went for a visit to the seals. they are so funny. 

Before we went to Sea World that morning, we went to the USS Midway and had a blast seeing a navy ship. I haven’t been on one since I nannied for a Navy officer back when I was in high school. However the tour of HIS side of the ship and the tour of a regular SAILOR’S side of the ship I took on this boat was really, really different. Hint: Officers have it nice. Not great, but nicer.

After Sea World, it was time to head home the next day. I was exhausted from all of the running around we did.

But the next morning was Christmas and I got some great new workout clothes and PJ’s! I love my new Under Armour heat gear shirt and my new Gym Shark leggings. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these leggings! Big pockets to slip my phone in and my leggings stay UP while running. No tugging and pulling. And so soft and comfy. They just fit perfect.

gym shark

I got the kids the night of the 26th and that night we opened presents. The next morning we had our big Christmas breakfast.

christmas breakfast

And that night of course dessert!

christmas dessert

Yes, the Chocolate Pecan Pie made a comeback.

Of course, now presents litter the entire floor and every crevice of the house. I love it! (I LOVE this fabric too–the purse was handmade for my daughter and so gorgeous!)

christmas gifts

And of course, the sea otter is a fixture at his computer station.

sea otter

Even the dog enjoyed her new toys.

dog toys

My little girl kept wanting to get a new puppy, so Santa sent her one. We took it for a bike ride and run yesterday.

elf saint bernard

We are excited to have spent our holiday with friends and family this year and can’t thank you enough for those who made it a very Merry Christmas for our family. We have been truly touched by those who thought of our family during this time. My heart has been so full at the generosity that others have shown my family. I know that the kids and I appreciate it so much and we don’t even know how we can ever repay the generosity showed to us. I’ve always been one that likes to serve, so to be served has been such a difficult thing for me. But I’m at the end of my schooling, working full time and just am so tired that I can’t do anything but stand in thanks to those who have lightened my load this holiday. You will not be forgotten and I love you guys so much.

girl with present

I hope you all enjoyed a very Happy Holiday and Happy Hanukkah!

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