New Year’s Tree

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! If you love taking down your tree in February (or are just looking for a fun New Year’s tradition, try our New Year’s tree!!

I hope you are having a great day. We have some illness going around so our New Year’s is a little more low key this year.

But we were able to get our New Year’s tree up!

One year, I was looking for inspiration for getting my Christmas tree down. The needles had long since fallen off, the ornaments were sagging and the kids were starting to fill out their Valentines. Yeah, I’m not one that enjoys taking down the Christmas tree. Especially living in snowy weather where the end of the joy of Christmas means the drudgery of a cold, bitter, cold, freezing cold winter. January is one of the worst months of the year for me.

But…the tree needs to come down. And I needed motivation to get it down.

So, I came across this fantastic idea from a website and decided to try it. The first year I was super excited and went all out like this website does.

Five years later our tree now looks something like this:

new years tree

Now I just buy a bunch of poppers and confetti cannons.

new years tree

It’s laziness, but it works. The night before New Year’s Eve we package up all the ornaments for next year. On New Year’s Eve, the kids wake up and the tree is decorated!

Unless of course, you forget. Then you let the kids help you.

new years tree

From all of us to you we wish you a very Happy New Year!


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