Clearing My Head

Last Sunday I just needed to get out and clear my head a little before the long week ahead. “Clearing my head” usually involves some sort of physical torture in which I put myself through a long workout or a long run or walk in which by the end I’m so physically fatigued and have worked everything that’s bothering me out of my head that my head is now deemed “clear.” I needed a little motivation to get started and this face in your face is usually highly effective.

german shorthair pointer

So is her paw to my face. Now that I had my motivation, I headed off for the trail. Today did not disappoint. For a winter walk, the weather was fantastic and the scenery was gorgeous even though it’s winter and blah.

country walk

I love that i live in the middle of a city but there are still ways to ‘get away’ and feel far removed from the city so I can think.

country walk

I usually don’t like horses, but these horses love to come down and visit us in the summer. They will stomp their feet and paw the fence to get your attention if you stop feeding them treats.

After our long walk, I went for this salad. I’ll usually heat up some grilled chicken and put it on the top of the salad for a nice complete meal.

dole chopped salad kit

She opts for a post walk treat. She loves her puzzle toys.

dog puzzle toy

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