10 Creative Ways to Sharpen Your Cooking Skills + Mo Takes a Bath

I am in my last few weeks of school and today I’ve got a guest sharing some fantastic ways to sharpen your cooking skills. 

But I think I’ve forgotten something. Have I told you about Mo? Mo made his debut appearance on career day. He was a photo shoot prop. he got lost for a day, and then was found again and has become a staple around our house.

He plays monkey in the middle a lot with the kids. He also got his first bath tonight. My six year old had me laughing hysterically. Mo had to get washed, and after her bath, she closed the door to give Mo some privacy in the bathtub for a few minutes in, as she put it, his “natural habitat.”

mo the shark

Before the kids got home from their weekend with their Dad, our (real) animal dog was very spoiled this weekend. My boyfriend and I took the dog out running on Saturday on some new paths since the snow is all melted on the ground. On Sunday we took her for a walk on a nice trail with gorgeous views of the mountains and lot’s of dogs to visit with. She got home and crashed.

snow capped mountains

I really don’t know why she thinks sleeping this way is comfortable. I tried it once as a kid. All I got was a giant headache after five minutes. She slept like this for AN HOUR!! then jumped off the couch just fine. I wasn’t fine. I had a sympathy headache for her.

dog sleeping

While I nurse my sympathy headache, here are some great cooking ideas:

10 Ways to Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

It sometimes seems that the art of superb cooking is becoming a lost art. Learning to cook from seasoned chefs or cooks is a heartwarming event that is also very useful. With today’s high cost of food, families often struggle to put meals on the table. Taking cooking lessons helps build skills that will be used and enjoyed for years to come. See what cooking lessons are available in your area. Consider what type of cooking that you are interested in. Some people like to bake pies and delicious desserts from scratch. Other individuals would rather create a hot home-style meal. It really is not difficult to learn how to cook or bake. It is important to be relaxed and open to new ideas.

1. Some farming communities have cooking lessons that focus on using farm grown ingredients. This is an excellent way to learn a valuable skill while also finding new food sources. These types of foods are generally much healthier than over processed store-bought goods high in harmful additives, salt and sugar.

2. Some areas have Amish or Mennonite communities. These individuals typically have many good cooks in their midst. Some will teach cooking for a fee or an exchange of goods. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. City dwellers will likely find it difficult to find farms. They will likely find other organized classes in the area.

3. Some vocational schools have cooking programs. They sometimes allow people to sit in if their classes are not full. Ask around, someone in your circle probably has the information needed.

4. Seniors often have cooking programs too. Anyone older wanting cooking lessons should ask about these classes.

5. Also investigate community colleges and local high schools. Many have active home economics classes and might offer community classes during school breaks.

6. Try asking a friend or neighbor that cooks for lessons. Many people enjoy sharing their talents. Sometimes individuals find new experiences just because they asked.

7. Some restaurants offer cooking instruction. Professional chefs might demonstrate, and other restaurants allow individuals to try. Try visiting various styles of restaurant venues. Perhaps an authentic Chinese place would train if an individual wanted a job. There are ways to get what you really desire.

8- Cooking classes marketplaces offer a variety of cooking classes. Cozymeal, the largest cooking classes marketplace, offers everything from Italian and Spanish cooking classes to sushi making and baking in NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and many more large and small cities.

9. Investigate professional catering services. These businesses often hire help for busy events. Find out if this is an option in your area. Someone may exchange cooking lessons for cleanup help. There are many individuals that work for themselves these days. Look for advertisements for cooking lessons. Word of mouth often gets better information. Think about college students, grandmothers, retired home-economics teachers and perhaps place a want ad for a cooking instructor. Sometimes groups can get together to hire a professional instructor. Cooking with friends, gym buddies, PTA members and others sharpens team building cooking skills.

10. When ready for a real cooking challenge, individuals can always enroll in an official school or community college cooking course. This is a wonderful way to experience everything regarding cooking under supervision. Hands on experience is the best way to learn.

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