A Weekend With the Air Force

This weekend I spent the day at the Warriors Over the Wasatch Air Show . And we were armed and ready with plenty of sunscreen, food and our cameras for some incredible shots!

thunderbirds 2018

I probably complained as much as my kids do now when my dad dragged me to Home Depot, air shows, car shows, made me mow the lawn and had to help paint the house. As an adult I only remember the glorious parts or the really traumatic parts of my childhood.

thunderbirds air show

But there are those “gray” areas of childhood you don’t really remember. The ones where now as an adult you call your friends or parents crying because you had your kids argue and tell you they didn’t want to go to this event for the 100th time and “they had already saw this show a million times since they were little.”

You spend more energy than you have (seriously why is it JUST as hard to get your teens to go to something as it was your young children when they were little?) and then watch them attempt to “not have fun have fun.”

thunderbirds 2018

They whine the whole time and want a pretzel or frozen lemonade. Then they watch the airplanes overhead and say that the other branches of military show is better than this one. (All the while saying they would choose this branch of military to go into). Than they squeal in delight when they find a friend is at the air show too on Instagram and start posting pictures. Than they start dancing. Than they start to strategize how to talk to the guy next to them surrounded by his family while not trying to attract the attention of their own family they are surrounded by. (Flirting is tricky!) Instead they just keep taking awkward glances at him then complain that they “were” going to flirt with him as you are leaving but just didn’t have enough time. Seriously, three hours was NOT long enough?

Than they whine that the bus line is long so they come up with their own solution.

lazy kids

And then you get to let out some pent up aggression when you get to remind (after reminding and reminding and reminding at the air show) why reapplying and sun care is so important for pale skin. This stuff came to the rescue Sunday morning.

bare republic

This one did okay. She loves sunscreen.

Too much.

girl sunscreen

I really love this sunscreen mousse for her face.

sunscreen mousse

As an adult I have to hope that one day they will grow to love our country as much as I do. That they will come to study history and learn from it. That they will acknowledge the sacrifices that many make in order for us to enjoy the freedoms they have and that they will understand that freedom comes at a high cost and can be easily taken away. i will never forget the feelings I felt during 9/11. And I will never forget my friends and family members who sacrificed so much. And as I watch my own boy talk about how he would enter the Air Force this year, it was a lot more difficult for me.


I don’t see him as a young boy anymore talking about planes. I see a young man who could very easily in a few years be driving that plane. My heart breaks and i wonder if he knows how quickly this time will pass and how much I just want to stare in the sky with him and pretend he is still that little boy with his little hand in mine oohing and aahing at the tails of smoke the planes leave in the sky. I could still protect him then. It was my job to protect him then.

thunderbirds show

it’s getting harder as he gets older to do that. I hope that one day they will take their own kids there and remember with fond memories the years that we went, adding their own stories of freedom and sacrifice to mine and creating a new generation of those who drag their whining teenagers to an air show every other year.

We were given samples of Bare Republic Sunscreen to try as members of Mom’s Meet. Bare Republic broad-spectrum sunscreens are proudly free of chemical actives, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, parabens and anything else you wouldn’t want to put on your skin or leave behind in nature. Bare Republic Sunscreens are biodegradable and reef-friendly. 

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