Full Moon Walk

Last Friday we had the kids on an unexpected night. It was my boyfriends and my date night, so we decided to grab our camera, the kids and enjoy the one thing our kids love more than anything…selfies.

We headed up to Sundance Ski Resort with the dog, the kids and the camera and were met with crowds and crowds of people. We asked one of the shuttle drivers what was going on and he mentioned it was the full moon lift ride and ziptour.

full moon walk

We decided that we were not prepared to stand in long lines with kids to do that even though it sounded fun.  We weren’t prepared and had no jackets or blankets. And we had a dog. Can dogs ride ski lifts? We didn’t know and since we were 0 and 3 we decided to turn our night into a full moon walk. We didn’t get one picture of the full moon.

We were told by the kids it would’ve been cooler if you had rode the lift all the way up the hill to get a really good picture of the full moon. Especially with all of the smoke we’ve had. It’s turned the moon red. But no, we didn’t get a picture of the moon. We got lot’s and lot’s of selfies. And lot’s and lot’s of blurry photos since it was dark.

Which was fine. We were able to play with the camera under low lighting conditions and got some really good pictures.

Okay this was the only other one that turned out. Look how short I am getting! This week the second of the third child turned a teenager. I love this boy to pieces. But I am getting short.

short mom

We had a great night and it was good to spend some time with all the kids and enjoy the mountain air. The dog liked her first ride on a shuttle. The shuttle driver gave her a part of a hamburger patty on the way back to the car.



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