Mood Boosting Foods For Fall and Winter

Eating healthy during the cold winter months can be a challenge. Comforting sweets and holidays make it difficult to want to pick up those carrot sticks. These mood boosting foods will help keep you healthy and in good spirits this season. 

The leaves are starting to fall and one of my favorite (not favorite) seasons is here. I love running in the fall and enjoying the crisper weather. I get some of my fastest running times in the fall.

fall leaves

I’ve run this trail a thousand times but I still love it in the fall. The leaf canopies are some of my favorites to run through.

fall leaves

While I may be pulling some of my fastest times in the fall, I also struggle a lot. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day all hitting back to back it can be difficult to have the desire to reach for foods that I should be eating.

I also know I probably have seasonal depression. I really hate the cold winter months, long nights and lack of sun in the winter. I will force myself to get out and run and get some natural sunlight during the winter but it is so difficult and often takes me until the afternoon to want to go out and run. And then I’m ready for bed after.

I love this list of mood boosting foods from Jules at I may be more excited about the fact that the list includes chocolate. YES CHOCOLATE!!

Thank you for providing us with this great list while I spend time some more time focusing on the family and running around like crazy to and from my kids variety of activities this season.

mood boosting foods


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