The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide 2018!! Babies-Teens!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year because it is the ONLY time of year that I will actually shop and enjoy it. Most of my shopping starts in October but I am usually finished shopping and ready to enjoy the holiday season by December 1st. And most of my shopping is done online in my pajamas.

stocking stuffers

Every year I like to include a list of healthier and non candy stocking stuffer ideas that won’t break the bank. Stocking stuffers are my favorite to buy! Santa goes way overboard.

Here are some unique and different ideas for stocking stuffers you can purchase online or easily in stores. The great thing about these products is they are natural, organic and/or ecofriendly and under $10!


FlipbooksFlipbooks will be popular with your preschool-young elementary aged child. These flipbooks are old school meet modern day. What a fun way to introduce and teach children to animation! Only $6 a book! Available at Uncommon Goods.


Mushroom Kaleidoscope: Such a cute gift for toddlers and preschoolers. These mushroom kaleidoscopes are fun for active imaginations and every look through shows a different image. $5

mushroom kaleidoscope

Puppet Board Books: These are great toys for babies to toddlers. There are a variety of different animals to choose from, each with a fun story and puppet. $6.99

puppet book

Construction Spoon Set: This set of knife, fork and spoon is sure to make eating time more enjoyable. Each utensil is only $3.64. Buy one or buy the whole set with knife, fork, spoon and plate.

construction utensil


Chia Pet: These things NEVER get old! They are ecofriendly and fun for kids. There are everything from puppies to emoji poop! While easy to find online, we were at our local Walmart and saw them being rolled out for $9.99.

chia pet

Monster Pencil CaseToss out the plastic pencil case and enter this more ecofriendlier monster pencil case. Boys and girls will love storing their pencils and pens in this cute case. $8

monster pencil case

melting monsterThese adorable melting monsters are perfect for elementary students. Mold your monster out of putty, then melt it into a blob. lot’s of fun for all ages! $8.94

Hangman Puzzle Books: These books NEVER get old! This single player Hangman book is perfect for the child you are always trying to entertain while waiting at the doctors office or driving in the car. $5.49

hangman book

Coin Eating BankThese banks are so fun! These coin eating banks are perfect for teaching kids to save money. $9.92

coin eating bank


MIni Waffle Maker: Perfect for helping your teen develop their cooking skills,  this adorable mini waffle maker makes waffles the size of a biscuit! teens will love this! With a $9.99 price tag, you’ll stand in line for a waffle from your budding chef too! Also makes paninis and mini pizzas too!

mini waffle maker

Mini Art Paint SetThis mini art paint set is fun for budding artists. Older kids will appreciate that it mimics a regular art set with the challenge of having to draw on mini canvas. $7.22

mini art set

Cardboard Guitar: Junior high seemed to be the time all of my kids developed their love for playing the guitar. This cardboard guitar looks great, works as a room decoration or fun toy. $7.94

Drumstick PencilsThese cool pencils will get your kids tapping to the beat while working on their homework. $8

drumstick pencils

Paper Planter MakerIf you have a student whose into gardening than these adorable paper planter  makers are sure to be a hit! $8.75

paper planter maker


Thermos: My daughter worked at a haunted house this fall and is now taking a bottle full of hot cocoa to school each morning. I found this adorable plaid Thermos for only $6.99. Now she can carry hot soup to work on cold nights and hot cocoa to school in the morning.

christmas thermos

Stainless Steel StrawsSaving the environment is all the rage and saving the environment starts with straws. These stainless steel straws are easy to clean and reusable. With a price tag of only $7.99 you get 8 straws and 2 straw cleaners.

stainless steel straw

Pickle Candy CanesI’m not sure what the novelty is on this one, but my kids love getting disgusting and weird things in their stockings. These pickle candy canes are definetely up there. I’m sure these will get shared with their friends. $9.49

pickle candy canes

Crazy Socks: Crazy socks are all the rage and these socks are perfect! Choose from these library card socks, taco socks and other fun designs from Uncommon Goods! $10

library socks


Rudolph Music Box: Old school music boxes never get old. My grandmother used to have a collection of them and I loved playing with them when I was a little girl. Bring back some nostalgia with this fun music box. $7

music box

Holiday Smencils: Smencils smell great and are a great gift for all ages! These smencils come in holiday scents. $2.99

holiday smens

String Dollsthese are cool, weird and intriguing all in one, making it the perfect gift for all ages. Choose from a variety of different styles, characters and animals. $10

string animals

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