Happy Holidays! Plus 7 Year Old Interview For Sister’s First Date

We wish you all the happiest of holidays this year! our family has been busy with choir, band and holiday programs but now we get to relax and enjoy the holiday season!

My oldest got asked on a date and when I got home from work one day I could tell that something was “off.” The kids had all claimed different parts of the living room and weren’t talking. And then i saw the paper.

And then I asked the question.

What in the WORLD happened before I got home?

And then they confessed. Well, the 7 year old did. The 16 year old was still a little in shock.

Apparently the yougest took it upon herself to draw up a list of questions for the 16th year old’s date and then called him and asked them.

interview questions for first date

I’m pretty sure I was speechless. Like mouth open speechless. I really had nothing to say after spending a day talking to students all day. I did not really want to know what happened while I was gone. And usually I worry and stress. Today? I was good. I couldn’t believe that 1. my oldest would allow the youngest to do that, 2. the detail of the questions! and 3. the youngest focused that long on a task? Where is this dedication when I ask her to clean her room or the living room?

As I was reading the questions I was floored by the detail and thought she put into each question. I mean knowing if you like applesauce in our family could be a big, big deal! And yes, you do have to like dogs in our family. I mean they are such fixtures…everywhere.

lazy dog

I definetely have my work cut out for me if I want them to be on good behavior when this poor boy actually comes to the door.

My dad always talked about shining the shotgun in his underwear on the porch when the boy came to the door. Which was funny because my dad in all the years I knew him never shot a shotgun, never owned one, and I’m pretty sure hadn’t shot one since his days in the service.

i just never thought that i would have to be the one with the shotgun shining it to keep my own kids away from the poor date that comes to the door! Except i don’t have a shotgun. I have a BB gun. And I’m pretty sure if it’s not loaded already with BB’s I have no idea how to load them. So…probably need to go to plan B.

Yeah…plan…B. Working on it.

Any suggestions?

Oh and any suggestions for this? The kids put their Dad’s tree up and in true “me” fashion, the lights don’t work! They are solar lights and they don’t work! We’ve driven by several times and they aren’t on at night. We’ve tried a few things to fix the lights. But they don’t work, so I now use excuses like “it was a cloudy day” (I have WONDERFUL plan B ideas, right? I am SO in trouble when this boy comes!) but the youngest really wants to see her Dad’s tree lit up. Someone told me it was because they were multicolored lights and they don’t work as well. Which might be true because most of the decorations up there are in white lights. Ugh! Any suggestions for next year would be great. Should I go to white lights?

cemetary christmas tree

We wish you all the happiest of holidays!

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