Top Recipes of 2018

It’s my favorite time of year! I love looking back and seeing what YOUR favorite recipes were for the year. It always helps to know what you want to see and what you enjoy making and knowing about.

I have lot’s of fails and trials but appreciate you always coming back. Thank you especially during the past year. 

Here’s a look back at your favorites this year:

10. Crumbl Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot and ready bakery delivery services are popping up here where we live. Crumbl cookie is definetely one of my kids favorite places to visit for hot and fresh cookies. I recreated the bakery style cookie recipe and it became one of our top recipes since we posted it in September. 


crumbl cookie

9. Under an Hour White Bread Recipe

I reference back to this recipe so much. I really use this easy white bread recipe for the base of a lot of recipes from cinnamon rolls to bread to pizza dough. It’s my favorite and always works well.

under an hour bread

8. LOL Surprise Doll Cake

Ugh this cake was terrible! if you look close the cake is actually leaning!! i cannot decorate cakes or cookies very well to save my life. I’m terrible at it. I posted it really quick though to rememember the day and the event and was shocked to see the positive reaction!

lol surprise doll cake

7. Zupas Garden Chowder aka Christmas Chowder

The colors in this soup are just beautiful and are perfect to warm you up on a cold winter night. Chowders are one of my favorite winter soups–I just wish I could make them taste as good dairy free! So enjoy a cup of this for me!

zupas garden chowder

6. Cinnamon Pie

This recipe took over the top ten spot this year. It was interesting to see it pop up in my feed throughout the year as one of the top recipes. I didn’t really think that it would be as popular as it was, and I kind of made it a few years ago as a spoof to the show. But it’s a total hit now!

cinnamon pie

5. Crockpot Maple Dijon Chicken

I posted this recipe shortly after being diagnosed with colitis and going on the FODMAP diet. needing some good tasting recipes was important to me as my ability to eat had returned and I was STARVING for some good tasting food! This recipe hit the spot!

maple dijon chicken

4. DIY Heartbeat Pillow for Puppies and Babies

This idea came out of having several puppies and needing some serious sleep. I made this giant bear heartbeat pillow and the puppy loved it! I shared the idea with you and you loved it too!

heartbeat pillow

3. Frosted Flake Rice Krispy Treats

These were a favorite of my late ex husband. He loved rice krispies and he loved frosted flakes. Put them together and it was a winner! His insulin pump would go into overdrive but they really are delicious! Very, very sweet!

rice krispie treats

2. Little Caesar Italian Cheese Bread

My kids love this bread and making it at home now saves me money! I worked so hard on this recipe and see lot’s of other recipes popping up on the internet, but I think we’ve got it pretty spot on! It’s delicious and you can now enjoy the recipe without all the chemicals!

italian cheese bread

  1. Natural and Organic Clear Liquid Colonoscopy Options

I laugh. I posted this years ago when I had my test to diagnose my colitis. And now it’s the #1 post. I love that many of you write in to send more products that you have found work since I wrote the article too. Keep those product ideas coming!

clear liquid diet

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