Cute Cupcake Bath Bombs–All Natural!!

This Valentine’s Day will be a wee bit bitter for me. This week I get to shell out some serious money for a little one who does not like to go to the dentist or doctor. So instead of candy, we are making Valentine’s Day cupcake bath bombs and hot cocoa bath bombs. I’m not happy about this soon to be trip to the dentist that will require a shot, sedation and teeth being pulled, a few cavities being filled, a crown, a retainer fitting and I think a root canal too. This girl and her teeth!

Her disdain for medicine is amazing. I’ve never met someone who has the ability to detect trace amounts of medicine in anything. She will swallow it down, hold it down for a minute or two and then regurgitate it back up. We can hide it in chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and I might have even had a relative tell me how to have her drink it down “shot” style with a chaser of Kool Aid. I’ve also tried these methods with no luck.

child medicine

So this year for Valentine’s Day we are making some cupcake bath bombs in lieu of candy. Candy and I are not too happy with each other. It’s like I can see every piece of chocolate she’s eaten in the last year dancing in front of me saying “hahaha!! That .20 piece of candy is now costing you $200 this week!!” Talk about unreasonable interest rates. Candy charges HUGE interest rates. 🙂

We decided to go with some Valentine’s Day bath bombs, and hid a special surprise message inside each one.

We put some bubbles in with the bag too to make bathtime lot’s of fun and so hopefully the front office secretary doesn’t call me this time to say that someone tried eating the bath bombs.

That happened at Christmas when my little girl did Christmas ones and gave them out as gifts. Apparently the giant DO NOT EAT sign didn’t deter one little girl from trying to eat them. Luckily these are all natural bath bombs.

We made these cute printable signs to go with our Valentine bath bombs this year. I use to design them.

valentine's printables

We also made these for the hot cocoa bath bombs:

So cute!


Ingredients for Bath Bomb:

Ingredients for Frosting:

Meringue Powder Mix


In a mixing bowl, (I used a mixer to do this) stir together the baking soda, citric acid, epsom salts and corn starch (or cocoa powder) until well blended.

In a small bowl, mix together the melted coconut oil, water, oil extract and food coloring.

Pour one teaspoon of liquid in at a time and stir until combined. (you want to work fast because you don’t want the citric acid to start to bubble and cause a reaction). Continue to work until all the liquid is combined and the mixture looks like sand.

Line your mini muffin pan with liners. Pour approximately one tablespoon of bath bomb mixture in and press flat. If you are using a hidden object or toy in your bath bombs, place that in now and then fill and press the mixture firmly into the muffin cup until filled and level to the top of the muffin liner. Continue to fill and press all the muffin cups until complete. Allow the mixture to dry for 8-24 hours in a dry, cool to warm place before frosting. Remove muffin cups from pan, use a brush to brush off any excess loose mixture from the tops and sides of the muffin cups prior to frosting.

To frost, prepare the meringue powder as directed on package. Pipe frosting onto bath bomb, then use mini marshmallows for hot cocoa bath bombs or sprinkles for cupcake bath bombs. Allow to dry in dry, cool to warm place for additional few hours-24 hours before packaging. Bath bombs will typically keep shape for about 3-6 months if stored properly in an airtight container.

We used Dollar Tree foam heart stickers for our Valentine’s cupcake bath bomb surprises.

Recipe inspired by This Grandma is Fun

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  1. What a cute and creative idea!

  2. I love these! I have no bath tub so I totally miss out on bath bombs!

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