15+ Quick, Easy and Creative No Food Valentine’s Day Class Handout Ideas

I told you I am DONE with candy this year after my traumatic experience at the dentist.

This year though, I also have your back if you have procrastinated until the last minute to get your Valentine’s Day gifts in order and are now trying to find a quick, easy and creative no food Valentine’s day class handout for the kids in the class.

And do you also HATE how every box of Valentine’s Day cards only has 24 freaking Valentine’s in it? There are ALWAYS like 25 or 26 kids in the class. Drives me crazy!!

These ideas are so creative and fun and some use ideas from your kitchen!! Take a look at these fun ideas!!

  1. I DIG You” Use the printable from this fun idea and then place mini scoops and plastic perler beads with a small square perler backing into a small cellophane bag.

2. “Hope Your Valentine’s Day is “Strawesome” Straw packs are EASY to find at dollar stores, craft stores or Target or Walmart this time of year!

3. “You’re the BALM Valentine!” Fun and simple lip balm Valentine that can be used for younger or older kids alike. This would be the perfect teen valentine idea too!

4. “You Make My Heart Glow Valentine” Simple glow sticks make Valentine’s Day fun!

5. “Thanks for Sticking With Me Valentine!” Valentines sticker sheets are so popular! We even found some cute Valentine’s day sticker boxes at Dollar Tree you could just use this printable with it (or design your own quickly at Avery.com/print and you are DONE!

valentines bath bomb printable

6. “Valentine you BLOW me away! You’re the BOMB!” Cute cupcake bath bombs with bubbles will make bathtime fun! Includes a secret surprise in every bath bomb!

7. “So Happy you POPPED Into My Life!” I love this idea. It doesn’t get much easier than turning on my printer and taping this sign to a bag of popcorn. This is my “oh crap I forgot about Valentine’s Day until the morning of” go to gift. 🙂

8. “I Love How You Think Outside the Sand Box” My small group kids LOVE kinetic sand and it’s one of the first things they run to when it’s free time. These would be a fun Valentine’s gift to give.

9. “I Am Masking You To Be My Valentine” Masks are making a comeback! These adorable masks are easy to find at party stores in bulk. I’ve even found kits sometimes so the kids can make their own or pre assembled ones like these above.

10. “Valentine I’m Stuck on You!” Another great teen Valentine Day gift idea that won’t cost a lot. I mean look, they even hand wrote out the card! Totally my kind of Valentine’s Day idea! I wouldn’t suggest these for younger kids. I made them cry before because they can’t figure them out. i would say older elementary-teen.

11. “No Bones About It “I Dig You!“” These are expensive but so adorable and my daughter loves dogs so I HAD to mention it. I’m sure there is some artsy-fartsy way to make them cheaper that I will think about all year until next year but for now maybe we can just covet this idea? Oh and they have so many other cute paper seed animals too! A SLOTH and a KOALA? Cute!!

12. “Be My ValenSLIME!” If you’ve embraced the slime craze look no further than printing these simple and easy labels to put on classroom sized slime handouts.

13. “Our Friendship is as HOT as LAVA!” Crap, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, you’re not feeling well and there is NO WAY you’re heading to the store. Head to your kitchen and grab these ingredients, place them in a bag, hit print and you’re done!

14. “Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Jokes” Okay, these are fun. I would tape a penny or a scratcher to each card. And instead of using the acrylic paint tutorial I would go down to Staples and buy scratch off stickers that you just place over the joke. Easy peasy.

15. “Happy Valentine’s Day Headbands” I would totally break these up and give one to each child in the class (I’m thrifty like that!) But another easy gift and this writer went with a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message. Good job!

Bonus: Bike Spoke Lights They are cool and they look good and you just click and print out an easy Valentine saying accompanied with an explanation of what in the world it is for too. Easy and simple idea!

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