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Sick Day + Cereal Cafe?

Gluten Free

The thought of food makes my stomach turn today. So today is a TMI post about the concept of cereal cafe’s and sick days…

It started with a cold. And then turned into a sick day and then a sick weekend. And then karma bit me in the butt. i wasn’t feeling good Friday and Saturday I was able to get out here and there but wasn’t 100% because of a cough.

Lo and behold Saturday night I was out shopping and while grabbing dinner and shopping I commented my stomach wasn’t so good. I thought I was hungry and we were ordering my favorite gluten free pizza in Utah from The Pie Pizzeria. On the way back to my boyfriends to watch a movie on his new “I HAD to buy it it was 50% off OLED and you can’t pass a deal like that up TV” I commented that my stomach was really hurting but I thought I was hungry since it was 8:00pm at night. I told him how much I HATED puking and if I ever did he got a free pass. Just leave me in the bathroom. But I promised him he would never ever have to hold my hair back.

Karma is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing.

About an hour into the movie and after some popcorn and a piece of pizza I was grabbing the popcorn bowl and he was pulling my hair back. Not a good night. Especially when I started crying “I’m soooo disgustiiing…I just want to go hoooome…the kiiids….I’m a terrible Mooom…I’m sick!!” I really just remember crying about a lot of things but I don’t remember much…just that I was crying about all of life’s issues coming to a head while puking into my popcorn bowl. Puking seems to bring the internal therapist for myself out of me. Want me to talk? Get me puking. I remember crying “I can’t be a Mom anymore….I’m sick and I’m sooooo tired!!” See? Internal crap coming out. I’m too tough most days to admit how hard it gets. I’m the smile and tell you I’m fine while I scream inside “SEE ME!!! SEE THAT I’M LYING BECAUSE IF I LET YOU THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR YOU WOULD SEE I HAVE 6 LOADS OF LAUNDRY AND TWO LOADS OF DISHES TO DO! AND CHILD #1 HAS PLAY PRACTICE, CHILD #2 HAS TAEKWONDO AND CHILD #3 HAS SOCCER PRACTICE….ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GET THEM ALL THERE!!! AAAH!!!!”

He finally got me stable enough to take home for a car ride without puking at one in the morning (according to his words) and by then unbeknownst to me he had texted the kids to tell them what had happened and why we were late, cleaned up his apartment, and when we got back to my house got me into bed and left a note for the kids on where to find breakfast he left out for them. He took the dogs out to the bathroom and even took my youngest back to bed after a nightmare so I didn’t have to get up. This guy is an A+. I’m constantly trying to figure out why he feels that a crying, puking, single widowed Mom with three kids who is a perfectionist overstressed overachieving worrywart is a catch. He definetely sees something that I don’t see in myself.

Our Sunday night’s conversation via text went something like this:

ME: I’m starting to run a fever again. I got hot feeling again. Just took ibuprofen. Love you and thank you for all your help this weekend.

HIM: Make sure you have some Tylenol in beween babe it will help with the fever. Sorry should have stayed to take care of ya tonight.

ME: No you seriously did way too much. Karma bit me in the butt big time last night.

HIM: We’re a team.

ME: Well team should end at team puke.

HIM: Nope, doesn’t end there.

ME: I’m putting it in the contract.

HIM: LOL not gonna happen, can’t add terms this far in but nice try.

ME: An ammendment?

HIM: Not gonna happen.

ME: I’m so bored and sick of being sick but it’s better than googling about my hot eyeballs. (I googled that because my eyes felt hot but the rest of me didn’t so I was trying to figure out if I had a fever or not. PS I did!).

The dog was so bored today that everytime she came on the couch she would drive me crazy. So I set up her bean bag and she happily munched on her bone:

How I spent most of Sunday:

I was dreaming about this cereal cafe? I saw going up. It’s called Stirs, and it’s all cereal. While it sounds like a cool concept, there isn’t much about it and the Facebook page is pretty uninformative. It looks like a Cafe where you just go in and eat cereal you can find at the grocery store. I am hoping they have some unique cereal types to draw me in. I’ll keep you posted, but would you eat here? For me, I would personally rather just pour a bowl of cereal I can find at the store at home.

Today I’m off to get better. The fever still hasn’t 100% broken, my stomach is still sour and I have a headache but overall I’m mending. Flu season be gone already!

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