Someone is Turning 8! Paperless Post Invitations

This gal is turning 8 in just a few months. It’s a BIG birthday and she is so excited!!

To celebrate, she got to order her first dress. She spent a whole hour online looking for just the right dress.

And she finally found it!

It’s gorgeous and has lot’s of lace and tulle.

But she’s not quite ready to show it to you. But she’s already been planning her activities and party. She even wrote her own invitations.

And then I had to show her that she could easily design them using Paperless Post. We could send them out to all of her friends and family with a simple click of a button, or send them out to friends and family by mail.


She loved that idea!

She’s currently trying to decide if she likes this one:

Or this one:

This might be a decision just like choosing her dress! It is going to have to be absolutely perfect! She is having so much fun designing her very first big event. She is loving being able to have a lot of say and decision in what she wants her special day to look like.

This post was sponsored by Paperless Post.

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