Thursday’s Thoughts: Signs Your Dog is Annoyed at You

Written by: The Family Dog

There was an article on a website entitled “7 Signs Your Dog Might Be Annoyed With You.” It basically went on to debunk the myth that dogs can get annoyed at you but I am here to say that there is a certain dog (me) who shall remain nameless that DOES get annoyed and shows my owners I am. And I can tell you that humans know NOTHING about being annoyed.


If your dog doesn’t want to be around you, look at you or tries to hide from you she might be annoyed at you.

FIRST don’t overlook the fact that your dog may be tired or not feeling well. Dogs who act like they are shunning you for an extended period of time might be suffering from depression–especially if they’ve just gone through a major life change (new pet (WHY do you DO that to us?? Especially PUPPIES!!), death, new home, the dreaded B-A-B-Y word, etc).

However, your dog MAY be annoyed with you, the owner if you tell them it’s raining outside and they make some lame excuse that they can’t take you for the walk you’ve been waiting for all day if they respond with this reaction:


You’ve seen it. You tell them ‘no’ and they give you THE LOOK.

While it may be a sign of something more (typically anxiety) in a dog, first try calming them by petting them or giving them a little space to see if that helps.

If they respond with this reaction then you know for future reference that you probably should NOT have taken the couch they were sitting on and had claimed…they did claim it…did you NOT see the impression of their body imprinted in the cushions?? No? Well now you’ve annoyed them! Enjoy the payback. (Oh and by the way I ate your crackers you left out so get ready for round 2 should you not proceed off the couch in a timely fashion).


Sometimes dogs just get tired of humans. You get tired of us. It’s the circle of life.

However, it could be that your dog is uncomfortable or having a rough time. If it’s a sudden change, you might want to take your dog to the vet as a dog might be trying to hide an injury or illness.

But…..if you leave the nice warm bed in the wee hours of the morning to go to the gym (that is a poor substitute for taking a dog out to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty at 10 degrees), or put a nice new freshly washed quilt on the bed and your dog decides to partake of it, we may get annoyed if you yell at us to get off the bed. YOU left! Not us. WE were helping to keep it warm until you got back. Darn right you’re going to get a side of snake eye with our groan or irritated growl–especially if we right in the middle of a n-a-p. You’re talking to the paw for awhile.


Here’s the truth. Dogs watch and observe you. Dogs see you put the kids down to bed after a long day at work and plop in front of the TV to indulge in your favorite show, hide in the bathroom when you don’t want anyone to find you, or secretly stash treats that you take out and enjoy once everyone is in bed.

They say dogs mimic their owners. The truth hurts.

A dog hiding under your bed or in your laundry could be a sign of something more serious like being scared. HELLO vacuum, fireworks, loud noises, and kids that pull our tails. Or it could be a sign of stress. Help calm your dog down.

Otherwise, leave us alone. We just want to enjoy our bone in peace and quiet, same as you enjoy breaking out the good chocolate after the kids go to bed. Maybe we are playing hide and seek with you. Or maybe we hide under the bed to chase away the monsters so your four year old will go to bed. Just tell him/her that I’m scaring them away for you. Try to remove me while I’m enjoy my bone though or my favorite toy in peace and we may need to have a talk. PS If I hide in the laundry here are some steadfast rules: 1. I like to burrow in them to sleep. I am a dog, that’s what we do. Best. Nap. Ever. 2. They smell like you, they smell clean and it’s your fault you didn’t put your clothes away. Didn’t your mom teach you to get your chores done? No? Well lesson learned!


Does your dog poop or pee on your things?

It could be a sign of marking territory, being afraid, stressed, or because an animal isn’t neutered. Your dog could also have a medical issue causing it.

I’m not above saying this, but generally we DON’T do this to get back at you. There are other reasons.


Does your dog destroy your couch cushions? Do they high tail it outside with your favorite tennis shoes so they can bury them or eat them? Do you come home to a house that looks like Santa’s elves sprinkled snow (aka shredded toilet paper) throughout the house while you were gone?

Destructive behaviors are often a sign of boredom or anxiety. Help soothe the animals stress or take your dog for a walk or exercise to help relieve that boredom. Or talk to a trainer or specialist for specific help with certain destructive behaviors.

But if you have already ran me and then proceed to leave the house and when I want to come to want to come too tell me ‘no…..’ good luck. You may come home to a house with a dog who decided that artwork was therapeutic for the annoyance suffered in loosing out on that car ride. So I decided to rearrange the dishes while you were gone into a masterpiece. Why yes, I did make sure that I licked all the plates clean for you I took out of the sink before I put them on the carpet, right at the top of the stairs so you would see them as you came in. Just remember that the 30 minute car ride I asked for is much easier a request to grant me than coming home to dish art masterpieces.


“How dare you come lay down on the bed I was enjoying after a workout and complain you are tired? I told you we were hiking today! Yes I’m annoyed and yes I will require MASSIVE amounts of belly rubs until my wounds of neglect are healed and if you stop I will scratch you to remind you of my pain.” PS you’re on MY bed now.”

“Who put the GLASS there? Glass should not separate my love for you. Or my desire to chase you. So annoying! Who thought of this travesty? This goes for ferrets, birds, squirrels, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, ducks and cats.”

“I hate when she makes me pose with all these animals just for that perfect Instagram shot. Cue the snake eye.”

“We have rules in this house. If I don’t go, you don’t go.”

“You were the one that HAD to get your running clothes on and THEN check your email, not me. I can sit here ALL like this until you take me.”

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