Easy Spanish Rice Meal–Done in Under 30 Minutes!

It definetely feels good to be feeling a little more normal again. We’ve had a period of rain lately and that’s probably been a good thing to slow me down a little as I get back to feeling better. I’m one that starts to feel better and wants to catch up on everything I should be doing and then overexert myself and have to start all over.

This week I made this easy spanish rice meal. i made it allergy friendly for me and made some for the kids too. This is how cooking at our house usually looks:

There are always two pans going on our stove at the same time.

One for my meals and one for the kids.

I loved making this meal because it was so simple and easy. I just threw a spanish rice mix into a pan and stirred in some tomatoes and toppings and dinner was ready in under 30 minutes!

I seriously think that a lot of times May rivals December for how busy you are. there are so many events, and end of year activities and concerts going on. It’s also HOT outside so making meals that are quick, easy and don’t require the oven are important. We will definetely be keeping this meal in our summer rotation!


Serves 4

1 box (4 serving size) spanish rice mix

1 can (14oz) petite diced tomatoes

1 cup whole kernel corn

1 cup black beans, drained

2 cups diced cooked chicken*

Shredded cheddar or mexican blend cheese, for topping

Cook rice according to package directions. Stir in petite diced tomatoes, corn, beans and chicken. Serve topped with cheese.

*Note, 1 lb cooked ground beef or 2 cups cooked and diced steak can be substituted for the cooked chicken.

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