How to Get FREE Money Testing Driving Cars with Your Teenager

It was inevitable that I would have a 16 year old. I dreaded the day. DREADED. I also thought her first car would be in the bag. No worries. Her dad was a car guy.

He had a car bought for her before he passed away but he never had the chance to dive into the car and see what it needed.

It was unfortunately a lemon. The control panel light had gone out and so it didn’t disclose the work that needed to be done on it until the light was replaced. We’ve been living on one car and my next son will be getting his permit next year. I’ve got two teenagers working this summer and one car. We are dying!

So we decided that we would start to look for another car. But what is the best option? Option one would be to buy another cheapy high school car like the one she would’ve gotten and let her drive it until she leaves. Option 2 would be to get a cheapy lease, let her drive it and she can buy it when she’s 18 and use it through college or turn it in and I can lease something for my son who will be 16 when she leaves.

We decided to educate ourselves and turn it into a family lesson. We marched down to the dealership and test drove cars.

She phased out when it came to the numbers. But I wanted her to learn what a car cost and what the options were so she could make the best decision and weigh all her options and we could talk it out.

She heard $50 VISA gift card and went crazy. “I get $50??”

“No I get $50. I’m the one driving you around and getting a headache.”

Seriously?? That is SO unfair!!”

Seriously?” I replied. “I’m the one that has panic and anxiety attacks EVERY TIME YOU TAKE OUT OUR ONLY CAR AND YOU COME HOME AND THE KIDS TELL ME YOU ALMOST RAN THE CAR INTO A WALL.”

The salesperson handed me back the paperwork for the $50 gift card. He said that the fine print shows 18 and older. I LOVE it when I get a winning Mom moment. I’ve got a whole wall of trophies. A small wall, well, more like a shelf in Barbie Dreamhouse but hey, it works for me.

“I decided,” he said as he handed me the paperwork.

If you are in the same boat and wondering what option might be best for your family (I’m NOT here to give you advice on that one, sorry!). I CAN however help you get some free money this month for enduring test driving cars with your teenager or college student.

Here are a list of places offering some cash for test driving a car:


Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge are offering a nice deal–$50 for a test drive! Head to your local Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge website and a pop up should appear as you browse. Fill out the information and you can enter to get a $50 VISA, Amazon or Target gift card. One card per household and you must be 18 or older.


Hyundai is offering $50 for test driving a car at one of their participating facilities. You will need to put in your zip code to see if your local Hyundai dealership is participating. The offer is good until June 8, 2019 and you can choose a $50 gift card from VISA, Amazon or Target. Only one card per household is allowed and you must be 18 or older.


Subaru is offering anywhere from $35-$50 VISA gift card promotion for test driving a new vehicle. You will want to go to your local dealerships website and fill out the information then print your code to bring into the dealership. Only one card per household is allowed and you must be 18 or older to be eligible.

Modern compartment


Becoming a mystery shopper is also a great way to earn some cash and if you are able to you can stack the VISA promotion and get paid while you mystery shop! Some mystery shopping companies require that you register with them and take a qualification test prior to performing a shop. You will also need to usually grab some pictures, a business card, a price quote and fill out a report. But you could get anywhere from $25-100 per dealership!

Total earned $150+

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