Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for Secret Life of Pets 2 Birthday Party Ideas? Here you go!

We had a wonderful birthday this past weekend for a special girl. She loves her dogs and of course wanted to go with a dog themed birthday party.

Since Secret Life of Pets 2 just came out, we did a movie theater themed birthday party.

We took the girls (and my nephew) to the movie theater and watched the movie. Each girl got a kids pack with a drink, candy and popcorn.

After the movie we were going to go to Puppy Barn but it was closed, so we headed to the pet store instead. It was a simple and easy party to throw! But we found it hard to find anything Secret Life of Pets 2 at our local party stores so we had to opt to do the DIY route on this one. We wanted to share some other ideas that we found that we liked. Here are some amazing Secret Life of Pets 2 birthday party ideas:

Invitations Invitation

We opted to design our Secret Life of 2 birthday party invitations on They were simple and easy to design and cost a fraction of purchasing them. We mounted them onto shiny paper and delivered them around to all the girls. has Secret Life of Pets invitations for $1.92 for an 8 count. You’ll need to plan on allowing several days for delivery. Once they arrive, just fill in the details and deliver the invitations.

I love Punchbowl’s birthday party invitations. They have lot’s of character invitations (even Secret Life of Pets!) Simply fill in the information and then send the invitations via text or email to partygoers.


Banner from

Decorations are always my weakness at a party. I’m just NOT good at decorating. it’s my goal to be better though. I usually opt to just pay for decorations. I’d rather put the larger part of my party budget towards food and activities.

I have many people that disagree with me and so I’m including party decoration ideas for you:

Birthday in a Box has some simple and easy decorations you can order.

This cute banner from Etsy will get your kids excited for their party!


Animal Cookie Shake from Red Button Creamery

Food for this can be very simple and easy. An easy buffet bar with dog bone shaped graham crackers, carrots (Snowball’s favorite!) and other fun snacks are all simple and easy to make. To make it fun themed, serve the snacks from dog bowls or dog bone shaped bowls (easily found at your local dollar store).

For those who are super crafty these adorable Max and Duke treats from Handmade Charlotte would make a great treat!

These Secret Life of Pets 5 minute Gidget cakes from Tator Tots and Jello will be a HUGE hit at your party! They are perfect and so cute!

You could also go the DIY kids route. Make some bone shaped cookies and have the kids decorate them themselves! Red Button Creamery even has an animal cookie ice cream flavor!

This animal cookie shake would be perfect for any Gidget themed party!

For a healthier treat (it’s all about balance at a party!) try these adorable mice themed treats from Manu’s Menu.


Homemade 3 Ingredient Dog Treats from

This could be super fun!

Every Christmas we handmake treats and take them to the animal shelter. You can steal our homemade treat recipe or buy some dog and cat treats and dip them or have the girls package them. Take a trip to the animal shelter (call ahead to arrange!) and then have the kids take their treats with them and feed and spoil the animals with lot’s of petting and some treats!

Another fun idea is to visit a pet store. We visited our local pet store and fed a kookabura a mouse! We also looked at bunnies, cats, dogs, snakes and lizards!

You could also visit a puppy store like Puppy Barn or have the animals come to you! Just search in Google with your location.

To go along with Secret Life of Pets 2 you could put on a circus! Have the kids act out a circus and theme.

Favor Boxes

Dog Collar Bracelets

Send the kids home with some fun favors!

These printed Secret Life of Pets shirts start at $5.43 each!

Cat headbands are always popular and can be worn long after the party ends!

These Secret Life of Pets houses can be printed and sent home in party bags.

We are HUGE fans of a classic favorite. Secret Life of Pets 2 Pez dispensers will be a hit with the kids!

We found an easy dog favor pack and put them into each girls bag. It had a puzzle watch, yo yo, pom pom balls, frisbees and stickers.

The biggest hit at our party were definetely the dog collar bracelets. The girls loved them! They got one for them and one for their dog plush (found at the dollar store).

We also loved that instead of party favor boxes and bags, the Mom over at Mom Creative gave away light up balls she scored for 90% off at Target!

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