Cilantro Ranch Tomatillo Dressing + Running Fails

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This cilantro ranch tomatillo dressing tastes amazing on mexican food, rice, salads and when dipping carrots or celery in it. It is so creamy and has a distinct bold flavor of ranch, cilantro and tomatillo in every bite. Pair it with this delicious ranch taco meat.

cilantro ranch tomatillo dressing

I’ve been frustrated with my runs lately. I’ve felt slower. My tendonitis is still being a pain. And I hate that I’m not reaching some of the goals I’ve wanted to.

But I have to understand that running like all of my workouts will have times when there are ups and downs. Right now I’m pushing more weight in the gym and doing really well with that but my running is a little slower. Then I’ll hit a plateau at the gym and another area will pick up.

I can’t see it as a running fail, but I have to see it as a positive. While I might be running a little slower and a little less mileage maybe my body is pushing more weight because I need more muscle. I used to stress a lot about it and now I’m learning to accept it. I won’t lie though I still stress about it, but it makes it a lot easier to know that in six months when I plateau at the gym, my body will be ready to push faster times and distances again.

Do you find your body goes through ups and downs too in your workouts? How do you handle them?

Cilantro Ranch Tomatillo Dressing

  • 1 (1 ounce) ranch dressing mix (Hidden Valley is the most popular but we enjoy using Simply Organic or this dairy free version (use 1/2 bottle if using the dairy free))
     1 cup buttermilk (for dairy free use 1 cup-1 tbsp of dairy free creamer (it’s thicker) plus one tbsp vinegar or lemon juice)
     1 cup mayonnaise (for dairy free make sure to read the label first to make sure!)
     1 large tomatillo
     1 clove garlic, minced
     1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped
     1/2 teaspoon lime juice
     1/2 to 1 small jalapeno, seeds removed and diced

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. You can serve immediately or store up to one week in an airtight container.

Recipe adapted from The Girl Who Ate Everything

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