How to Throw A Birthday Party For a Teen on a Cruise + A CHEAP The Office Themed Party

For the past week all I’ve heard from my son is “you don’t have to do ANYTHING for me for my birthday.”

He left for a couple of days up to his cousins and while he was gone we girls went into Operation Birthday mode. We were getting ready to go on a cruise so we looked online first and were a little disappointed that the birthday decorations weren’t “him.” The cruise lines offer several birthday packages and decorations so you can keep the packing to a minimum and leave extra room for souvenirs. Here’s what we found from the cruise lines:

Birthday Cake from Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Carnival Cruise Line Birthday Packages We didn’t see any teen specific stuff, just a generic kids package. The lowest priced package includes room decorations, a picture frame and a beach towel. For $7 more your package includes everything mentioned plus a cake that feeds up to 6 people. You can also order individual cakes without the decorations, which we did. (Pictured above)
  • Royal Carribean Birthday Packages The “Happy Birthday Teen Package” includes decorations, mirror clings, a photo frame, 4 cupcakes and a messenger bag and hat.
  • Disney Cruise Line: To book a package you will need to have the reservation number of the cruise. There are several options including cards signed from all of the characters (teens still get into that), a dessert delivered in the dining room from the servers, room decorations, a towel cake with candy around it, and cakes.
  • Princess Cruise Lines: Princess cruise line offers a birthday package that includes hanging garlands, a door sign, photo hanger, mirror cling and balloons.
  • Norweign Cruise Lines: Birthday packages here are one of the most affordable and offer the most bang for your buck. Packages include garland, confetti, balloons, a 10″ party cake, and utensils and plates for all guests in your room.
Norweign Cruise Line Birthday Package

So we opted for version #2: Ours.

We looked into rules on the cruise and basically the cruise line was just concerned about fires so if we didn’t do anything with fire we would be good. Tape came in a close second. Since the walls of the ship are metal, we bought magnets but then I couldn’t find them so I’m glad i had tape as backup.

Since I am an economical overpacker, I decided to go as light as possible. (I have a weight limit and on our Hawaii trip I was having to take things out of the suitcase).

My son LOVES The Office so we went with The Office theme.

The Office Party From Practical and Pretty

We had to modify it to fit the cruise ship. So we printed out an Office themed banner from Practical and Pretty.

We bought some UGLY balloons. We bought some crepe paper and we printed out some The Office birthday themed memes and purchased some magnets. Which I lost. So tape was it.

And then we decorated:

Inside of our Cabin Decorations. Check Out Our Wrapping Paper Job!

Our Cabin Door

And then we opened presents:

Opening Presents

My daughter found this plague at Box Lunch. Highly suggest this store if you have teenagers. I can usually find something here when i am struggling to find something they would like. But we LOVE their collection of stuff from The Office.

We suggest if you are an overly efficient packer that has issues with keeping your suitcase at weight or a son that loves to peek at his presents to pack very light and things that can be well hidden. Good ideas for gifts are gift cards, concert or event tickets, sunglasses, and other gifts they can use on their cruise and after. We got him a blackjack/poker set and it kept us entertained for hours!

Eating our cake was a little unique. We loved eating our bunk bed cake.

Bunk Bed Cake Eating
Party in Our Cabin

Later that night the waiters made my son a birthday hat and cake.

Birthday Hat and Cake from the Staff in the Dining Room

And he had just about the most perfect birthday ever that you can while on vacation. until he lost the backpack that had EVERY. SINGLE. PRESENT. in it at the end of our trip. 🙁

if you find it please let us know.

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