The BEST Slow Cooker Ribs + One Year

This weekend by far was probably one of the hardest. Actually the whole week was. This was the one year anniversary of my children’s Dad passing away and it brought up a lot of memories…good and bad. It was fun to go through the old photos and see some of the kids pictures and good memories they had with their Dad. The first time riding a bike, sledding, etc. But some of the photos were really rough.

One of the years was a particularly hard one where he hadn’t been taking care of himself at all. And we weren’t getting along all that great because of it. He was angry, mean and always running high blood sugars and not feeling well which caused a lot of stress on top of marriage just being tough in general. Another year was the year was our last family pictures where I was desperately trying to hold together a smile for our family, but inwardly crumbling. Our marriage was unraveling at a rapid pace, and it was soon going to dismantle completely when I would find out about the many financial, marital and physical issues he had been hiding for several years prior.

But this year as hard as it’s been the kids and I just wanted to push those memories aside and focus on the good. On the first bike rides, the fun trips and the good memories. And that’s perfectly okay.

I was there for the kids but on Saturday’s run I allowed myself to feel a lot of the emotions of the past year. Of how difficult a year it had been with so many challenges…and trials. This coming year we’ve also been told may be even more difficult as for kids it’s often the second–not the first that can be the most difficult. The kids often ask why it’s been so much harder and I tell them that grief has no timelines. And our story didn’t have a resolution…or the resolution we were hoping for.

But it does bring hope. And this year will bring many changes along with the trials. It will bring faith and hope in the midst of the lingering sadness. And for that I’m grateful and cautiously optimistic.

Since this weekend was a difficult one for us, I decided to really go easy on our meals. The football game was on Saturday and I didn’t have a lot of desire to cook. And the one banana bread loaf I DID cook was devoured by the dog when one of the kids left a half loaf out on the counter after getting a slice.

The slow cooker was in full force this weekend and I’m grateful to be able to have had some easier meals on hand.

Here’s some answers to questions that you might have about cooking ribs in the slow cooker:

Do you need to wrap your ribs in tin foil in order to cook them in the slow cooker?

Yes, I do recommend wrapping your ribs in tin foil. We’ve just dumped our ribs in the slow cooker before and thrown some sauce on them and they come out kind of mushy tasting. So now we wrap them in tin foil prior to cooking and they taste amazing in the slow cooker.

How do you get slow cooker ribs to taste oven baked?

Wrapping them in tin foil helps. When they are finished I’ll put them on a rack and brush them with barbeque sauce one more time and then stick them under the broiler for a minute. Most people can’t tell the difference!

Does a rack of ribs fit in a slow cooker?

Um, sort of. 🙂 Sometimes we have to bend the ribs a little to get them to fit in the slow cooker, but it works perfect.

What Other Recipes For Slow Cooker Meat Do You Recommend?

I am NOT good at cooking steak and meat so using the slow cooker is a good method for me. If you’re looking for some other slow cooker meat recipes, here are some of our favorites:

Taste Like It’s Hot off the Grill BBQ Chicken

Simple Steak Sandwich

Slow Cooker Open Faced Turkey Sandwich

Slow Cooker Puerto Rican Pot Roast

Slow Cooker Ribs–Tastes Just Like Oven Baked!

1 rack of ribs

Aluminum Foil

Barbeque Sauce (we love Stubb’s)–Can also use a dry rub

Salt and Pepper to taste

Measure tin foil several inches longer than the ribs. Place the ribs on the tin foil, then dry rub both sides of the ribs or brush both sides with barbeque sauce.

Wrap up the ribs, sealing the tops and sides of the tin foil.
Cook on low for 6-8 hours in the slow cooker.

Remove ribs from tin foil and place on rack. Brush with additional barbeque sauce, then broil for up to one minute. Remove from oven, serve with mashed or twice baked potatoes, salad, beans or broccoli.

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