How to Make Fake Snow

This is the only snow that I like–fake snow. I can remember as a kid Knott’s Berry Farm would bring in fake snow for sledding. My parents grew up back east as little kids and loved to show us what snow was like growing up. It was cold, wet, and ick. I hated it.

Not much has changed since then and now I live in it and get to curse it from November through February/March.

For some of my counseling groups we did some free play this week. This is always a great time to see how lessons you are teaching are working with the kids. It’s also a great time to listen to them and see what needs there are for your groups going forward. This week we had a lesson and then played with some fake snow. I bought dollar store animals for the kids to use and play with. I purposely bought different types of animals and put different animals in each to see how the kids would react, respond and ask if they wanted a different animal that someone else had. The fake snow was a hit and a lot of the students wanted to have me write the recipe down so they could make it at home over the holiday break.

What is the BEST Fake Snow Recipe?

We found some recipes on Elf on the Shelf but our favorite one the kids liked the most was using baking soda and conditioner. I bought some simple cheap white conditioner and baking soda on Amazon.

How Do You Store Fake Snow?

We just stored ours in airtight containers. It was easy for me to quickly seal the containers up and have each child use a container of snow. I would recommend encouraging them to keep the snow inside their containers.

How Long Does Fake Snow Last?

I had a really, really hard time finding an answer to this question online. But I’ve had mine stored in the airtight containers now for several weeks as I’ve used it with the different groups I work with and it seems to last 2-3 days before I need to add a little more conditioner to it. I’ve found that the baking soda/conditioner mix has been the best for overall consistency and length of time that it keeps.

What’s the Fake Snow Recipe You Use?

I use 3 cups of baking soda to 1/2 cup white conditioner. Stir it together with a fork until loose crumbles form and you can mold it (similar to kinetic sand consistency).

Store it in an airtight container for up to two weeks. If the mixture begins to not hold or dry out, add a little bit of conditioner at a time, stir the mixture again and continue adding more/stirring until desired consistency is reached again.

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