BurntApple Top Reader Favorites from 2019!

This is the time of year we turn the mic over to you. These are YOUR favorite recipes and articles from 2019! We’ve listed the top 10 here for you:

10. Jamba Orange Dream Machine Recipe

This year has brought two sets of braces, one spacer (due to LOT’S of sugar bugs) and one root canal. We’ve been flying through the smoothies at our house. This Jamba Orange Dream Machine recipe is the kids favorite when I don’t have the time to run over to Jamba. I’ll usually throw in a scoop or two of collagen protein powder because they can’t detect it!

9. DIY Heartbeat Pillow for Puppies, Kittens and Babies

We can always tell when there are new little ones in the house because we see this article surge in the stat rankings. We are so excited for your new bundle of joy and wish you the best of luck at getting them to sleep through the night QUICKLY (because we know you PROBABLY came across this article because you aren’t sleeping so good).

8. Apple Pumpkin Dog Treats

I actually saw a similar version for these for sale at the local pet store the other day for $9.99! Ouch! These can be made for pennies at home! We’re glad you found this recipe so you can save yourself some cash and have delicious tasting treats for your pup.

7. How to Cook With Coconut Sugar

Cooking with coconut sugar can be a little tricky at first. We gave you some tips and some great recipes to use for cooking with it. May we suggest these coconut sugar brownies? They made the list at #11!

6. Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanadas

We made a better healthier knock off of the original version and it seems to be a hit with everyone! These delicious empanadas are perfect for fall!

5. Chocolate Glaze that Hardens

I needed a simple glaze that worked, shared it with you and now you have a love or hate relationship with it. We’ve never had a problem with this recipe but those in more humid climates did so we added some tips to help out and now it seems to be getting much better reviews from those in more humid climates.

4. Frosted Flake Rice Krispie Treats

This was my exes favorite weeknight or Sunday night treat. You could hear his insulin pump singing on this one with all the carbs but they are delicious! They seem to be a HUGE favorite of yours now too!

3. Little Caesar’s Italian Cheese Bread Recipe

My kids CRAVE this recipe. This has been a recipe that is an oldy but a goody. It has been in the top 10 since we posted it years ago. We are so glad that you like it and that now EVERYONE can enjoy it! I’m actually working on a gluten free version that will taste amazing!!

2. Natural and Organic Clear Liquid Diet Options for Colonoscopy

This recipe made me laugh since the day that I posted it. I did not think it would be as popular as it has been. It has been popular since the day that I posted it. And Sunday nights and towards the end of the year it gets really popular! We’re sorry you found our website because your stomach is hurting or you have to get a colonoscopy. It’s one of the reasons that I posted this recipe in the first place! If you are looking for higher protein options we recently posted high protein clear liquid diet options that made #12 on the list this year!

1: Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe aka Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookie

I tried to create a knock off cookie of the expensive bakery style favorite and this one went crazy! I’m glad that you are loving these cookies and hope you are enjoying them with LOT’S of cold milk!

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