Christmas 2019 + You HAVE to Have This in Your Bathroom

Christmas 2019 is in the books. My house is still decorated in Christmas and because December went by in a blur I’m refusing to allow Christmas to come down until the end of January. Last night we even broke out the gingerbread cookies.

It was a different type of Christmas as it blended two families into one. And it also brought out the blending of two traditions and two sets of decorations and wow it was a lot of work and the beginnings of working together to bring in and out old and new traditions.

Getting married four days prior to Christmas is kind of a crazy idea looking back. So is moving a few days prior to your wedding. So is moving during finals.

But we survived.

I really don’t have a lot of pictures from Christmas but I did get one of the best gifts from my husband.

He really gets me because I am ALWAYS complaining of being cold. And since our thermostats are all the new fangled need your phone to adjust them ones the boys in the family have a monopoly on how cold it stays in the house.

And to top it off our bathroom is FREEZING! So when I got this for Christmas, it was the best ever! Highly suggest one!

**We were not compensated in any way, shape or form for this post.

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