Burnt Moment: Dishwasher FAIL!

It’s definetely been awhile since we’ve had a really big burnt fail so it was time. This time, I give this one to the girls mostly.

The girls made some soaps with their new soap making kit. I told them to clean up and they did. They threw their half used soap bowls into the sink. I was in a hurry one morning to get the dishes done before work and threw the bowls into the dishwasher without noticing the thin film of soap on the bowls and when I came home I was greeted to this:

Another look at our beautiful overflowing bubbles:

We headed to Google to figure out what to do. And everything we read made it sound SO EASY to fix. Just remove the soap suds and water in the dishwasher, run a rinse cycle and you’re good to use the dishwasher.

No, it took TWO + HOURS to do that. It kept sudsing up from who knows where and I had to keep removing soap and running another rinse cycle.

But finally a few hours later the soap suds were removed and the dishwasher is back to working again. For now.

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