COVID-19 Daily At Home School Schedule + Thank You From Our Family

This COVID-19 daily at home school schedule is perfect for elementary to high school aged students. We also provided links to non screen activities for elementary to high school aged students and ideas for specialties classes and school counseling online character ed classes too!

It is amazing how much things can change in a weeks time. It has been a crazy turn of events and I’m now trying to juggle kids online school schedules, my work schedule, and a new normal with not sick cooped up kids (which are almost worse than sick kids because they eat, mess up the house and have lot’s of energy!)

quarantine online home schedule

I’m struggling to figure out how I’m going to continue to work and keep all this together so I made a COVID-19 daily at home schedule for parents who are also trying to figure out how to juggle all of this now.


Because the kids day looks a lot more like this:

We know that this is a tough situation and as a family we appreciate all you are doing to keep this and other nasty flu strands away this season. We know this is tough so we are trying to see the positives:

  • We try to view some positive stories like this man who ran a marathon in his apartment while quarantined.
  • We continue to see the positive like my kids will hopefully not catch any of the other nasty flu bugs going around and we will have healthy kids going into summer! Bonus!!
  • We know how devastating the flu can be. My daughter was pretty upset the other day and came home just saying that she was “done!” with this coronavirus thing. It was ‘overkill’ and she was ‘sick of it.’ And I have to admit that I was too after not finding eggs at three different stores. But then I asked her to see the bigger picture. Her Dad had diabetes–a big risk factor with this flu plus he took corticosteroids for his Addison’s disease–another risk factor. I asked her to remember that everytime she wanted to complain that she remember that she was helping other families like ours.
  • Hopefully through all of this, it will bring families closer together and help us to learn to serve each other and those with needs right now in a different capacity.

Please remember that through all of this, it is going to be difficult and it won’t be easy. Our family has spent many a time in quarantine from their Dad (or him from us) through the years as the kids grew up. Time where he couldn’t hug his kids or allow a sick child to cuddle up with him because we couldn’t risk having him get sick. I spent the Superbowl in the ER with him, one winter vacation was spent in the ICU, and many small trips to the ER were taken for fluids when he was sick. And when we got divorced parenting time often had to be changed around and rearranged at a moment’s notice when a child would get sick to help avoid him getting sick. There were lost wages and enormous amounts of money spent on ER and hospital visits in addition to paying for diabetes supplies and medications and prevention medications. We thank all of those who are helping others avoid this strand and many other strands of the flu going around.

We hope that this little bit of help we are providing eases your burden during this difficult time.


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