Gluten Free Air Fried Apple Fritters…Pass or Fail?

I have really struggled with the air fryer and baked goods–especially gluten free air fryer baked goods. I’ve made some incredible tasting chicken and I love air fried waffle fries but I am really struggling with cooking yeast products in the air fryer.

These gluten free air fried apple fritters were no exception. Gluten free yeast products and the air fryer have been my nemesis.

I’m still trying though. The other day I thought I had nailed this gluten free air fried apple fritters recipe. And then I bit into it and just wanted to cry because they were mushy inside! I even cooked them longer than the recipe called for. I had been dying for an apple fritter and these just did not do it.

But the pictures came out so pretty and make me drool so I had to post them in hopes that someone has some good gluten free air fryer baked goods recipes to share.

Don’t get me wrong–the outer edges of these were fantastic but lacked the exact taste of an apple fritter. It is difficult for an airfryer to get that right. There is just something amazing about the perfectedness of the apple fritter.

My waistline doesn’t agree and there aren’t any bakeries around me that sell a gluten free one. So I wanted a healthier version but… I’m thinking that gluten free air frying baked yeast goods might not be possible.

If you’ve found a perfect recipe, please leave me a message and let me know!!

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