We Tried to Have a Date Night During Quarantine and This is What Happened…

So we tried to have a date night during quarantine. It was interesting to say the least. If you are going to do a date night during quarantine I suggest having a fully charged smartphone and going out early.

We left the house around six at night and were going to scout out some hikes to take with the kids. We wanted to make sure if we took them hiking that the trails were open. Some of the parks have closed, some of the parks are only open to residents of that county, and some trails have been closed due to traffic issues and the close proximity people are within each other on the trails. We didn’t want to bring the kids out and then have to drive back home. So using a date night to check them out was perfect!

We got down the mountain around 7:30 and then tried to grab some food. It ended up being the biggest nemesis of the evening. I quickly searched on my phone for places open and went to their websites. It became a little frustrating to find local eateries that were open. Here’s what we found:

  1. Some restaurant websites weren’t updated and restaurants when we called were completely shut down during quarantine. There was nothing listed on their website to tell us they were closed and when you called their wasn’t a message–it would just ring and ring and ring.
  2. The hours weren’t always accurate. Many of the restaurants we called weren’t even open past eight at night but their website mentioned they were open until ten.
  3. The menus were different. When I called one restaurant I asked if I should order off their regular menu, the takeout menu, or delivery menu on their website and they told me that they had a special menu for quarantine. I was told to scroll all the way down to the bottom of their webpage, click on their Facebook icon, go to the Facebook page, click on their COVID-19 special menu on their Facebook page and it would take me back to their website with the COVID-19 menu. And then at the end of telling me all that he said, “we would love to serve you another time but we just closed for the evening.” (That wasn’t listed on Facebook or their website).
  4. Some restaurants or bakeries have you go up to the store and order from your phone. When I tried to order gluten free cinnamon rolls for Sunday breakfast I was told they were out “but had everything else.” I’m on the phone standing outside your door watching you on the phone watching me try to squint and see what you have in your bakery displays. Can you tell me what “everything else” is? Or maybe post a menu on your door.

We found that the best places to eat were ones that had the ability to order online and pick up at a designated time or that had a drive up order line…where I could just pull up like fast food and someone was there to take my order and I waited a few minutes for the order and then was out the door.

We finally found a few places to eat and chose one then sat at a park in our car and ate it while watching Netflix. And we were home by 9:30pm. Date night completed. Even though ordering food was kindof tough we were grateful for those few moments to go out and get away for a little bit as a couple.

What have been your best date nights during quarantine? What have been some of your struggles? Let us know!

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  1. Crated with Love has been an absolute life saver for us during this quarantine!


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