Talking About It Out Loud

I have been asked a few times to share my experience on different platforms. To share the experience of what it’s like going through a divorce. And to share what its like having my ex husband then pass away. Is grief different? How is it the same? What feelings and emotions did my kids experience?

I entertained the offers but I also had an idea of how I wanted to talk about it for the first time publicly. And I finally did talk about it. And if it helps just one person in my same situation than I am grateful for that.

A special thank you to Cristina Bolser Ross of Love and Grief Podcast for taking the time to allow me to share our family’s story.

Topics: divorce and death, death of ex spouse, children and grief, family and grief, divorce and type 1 diabetes, death and type 1 diabetes, divorce and autoimmune disease, divorce and Addison’s disease.

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