DIY Halloween Dog House Treat Station


This year has not only been a tough one on everyone, but for us dogs too. 2020 started off with those nasty fireworks and our owners trudging off to work in the cold winter months. But then spring came, the leaves started blooming and something happened…our owners started to work from home. It was weird. In fact, our owners were home ALL the time. Suddenly we were going on more walks. Taking more car rides. Going on more hikes.

We even got to go on your morning coffee and soda runs with you and get a treat too. Did you know the soda and coffee places give dogs free pup cups and puppuchinos? And sometimes if you were homeschooling you went there a couple of times a day or more! It was great when the soda shop got to know us by name and even had our pup cup waiting!

Summer turned to fall and some of our owners went back to work while others we’ve heard through the grapevine have gotten to stay home. We are a little jealous that they get to still go for lot’s of walks and trips in the car. But we aren’t complaining…we’ll just make sure that you know you have to take us the millisecond you get home. Or we’ll go back to the 5:30am wake up schedule. Yes we know that you’ve been trying to sleep in for months now. But we have a schedule to stick to.

We’ve made sure that your schedule has not changed. We would not want you to miss a call with your boss. Yes we realize you don’t need to get up at 5:30am anymore to get to the gym and take us for a walk, but we want to make sure that you are on a schedule and at least wear a shirt and makeup from time to time.

Did you know that it’s Halloween coming up? I think it’s time to (safely) give us some treats too. You wouldn’t want us to take whatever treats we find on the ground. Or (heavens!) from trick or treaters themselves!

We approve of this message.

We also want to remind you that we’ve worked pretty hard to help you keep in shape mentally and physically during quarantine.

We’ve also curled up beside you when you’ve been sick.

We’ve been your support system.

And we aren’t begging but think that this DIY Halloween dog treat house is a pretty great idea.


To our beloved dogs,

While we absolutely love you our continued 5:30am wake up calls during quarantine were a little unnecessary. In fact, it would’ve been nice to be allowed to sleep in a little. it’s the first time in…..forever……that we’ve been able to sleep in this much in our lives.

just because we are home doesn’t mean we are at your disposal for belly rubs, neck rubs, and walks. We don’t see you volunteering to pay for our carpal tunnel surgery.

Really? How did you end up in the car? I tried to sneak out. No we are NOT playing hide and seek.

Yes, it really is necessary to visit the coffee/soda shop that many times a day. You have no idea how much caffeine is required to homeschool and work from home this is what our life has been like:

and yes, I work in education so THIS is why I need to stop at the soda/coffee store that many times a day. And you don’t seem to be complaining at all.

Do we really need to walk around the block THAT many times a day to smell and pee on each and every mailbox?

Yes, I do think you’ve been a great personal trainer. I am going to fire my personal trainer after having to deal with you for the last few months. My personal trainer has nothing on you. Paws to the face, incessant whining and staging a protest by your leash each day I agree are highly more effective than spending hundreds of dollars on a trainer.

And now you look at me like I’m abandoning you each and every day. You have pulled out all the stops. Puppy dog eyes, throwing yourself by the door to the garage so I can’t get to the car. You even somehow mysteriously end up in the car when I head out for work, making sure my morning stop at the coffee/soda shop on the way to work still includes you. Yes, I would NOT want you to miss out on your morning pup cup either and the barista saying “good morning Chelsea!” as you shove your face out the window to make sure she sees you and gives you a morning pet.

As if I haven’t petted you and gotten carpal tunnel syndrome from all the petting you’ve required. Need I remind you I do have to work to pay for the insurance to pay for the surgery I’m going to require to keep petting you.

But yes, you do deserve a treat. I’ll make sure that you get one this Halloween. I’ll take money out of my 401K to support your retirement years. Not mine.

DIY Dog Treat Halloween Hous


  • Poster Foam (We got ours from Dollar Tree)–We used 4
  • Glue sticks
  • Razor blade
  • Glue gun
  • Printed Halloween characters and sayings
  • Spider Webs
  • Treat Bucket (we got ours from Dollar Tree)
  • Poster board or fairy lights
  • Treats (We got Milk Bone Halloween Treats)


  1. Cut and assemble house in desired shape.
  2. Print and glue on Halloween characters.
  3. Glue on lights.
  4. Place treats in buckets

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