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Bread Maker Play Dough

Note to Self: That question on the flu shot form that states, “Do you currently have a cold?” Don’t mark “NO” when you are in the doctors office being seen for  a cold and just want to get the shot over with so you don’t have to make another trip into the doctors office.   […]


The best advice I was ever given was from a friend–“Enjoy every stage you’re at–you only get to go through it once!” Here you will find the crafts, the fails, the parenting tips, hacks, vacations and changes our family has been on over the years… BIRTHDAY 25+ Lego Movie Party Ideas 25 Minecraft Party Ideas […]


All of our recipes offer variations for making these allergy friendly. We don’t want anyone to come to our site and feel like they can’t find something they can’t eat. Recipes with a * offer variations for those on dietary restrictions and needs. APPETIZER Bacon Cheddar Fries *GF Barbeque Chicken Quesadillas *GF Baked Macaroni and […]

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